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 Opinion    October 21, 2016 

Our View: People should look at what they get - or would lose - on mill levy votes

Taxes. Most people don’t seem to like paying them. But, most people probably would miss what they would lose if they didn’t. A major part of governing wisely is looking at what services the government will provide and how to pay for those... Full story

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    October 21, 2016 

View from the North 40: No, Canada, you are great

A famous line in poetry says “Good fences make good neighbors,” but Canada is proving instead that good websites make good neighbors. The country which has already given us the Canadian standoff...

 Opinion    October 21, 2016 

Representation of Gianforte company unfair and dishonest

The continued unfair and dishonest bashing of RightNow Technologies, as a way to try to undercut Greg Gianforte, needs to stop. This has created huge buzz in the technology and business communities. The bashing is being perceived as anti-business,...

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion    October 20, 2016

Looking Out My Backdoor: Maybe behind the bathroom door

I’ve lost my robe. I’m beside myself with anxiety. I didn’t realize it was gone. In fact, I have no idea exactly when I misplaced it. Surely, I couldn’t have thrown it away. I depend on that r...

 By Danny Tyree    Opinion    October 20, 2016

'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,' celebrates 50 sincere years

Remember a time when autumn meant burning leaves instead of burning Samsung Note7 phones? It’s hard to believe, but on October 27 the animated TV classic “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” celebrates its 50th anniversary. It was the...

 By Jim Mullen    Opinion    October 20, 2016

Village Idiot: A wing and a prayer

We tried a new restaurant, and it was extraordinary. I gave it four stars. One entire wall was a giant television screen ­— the football players on it were larger than life. It was as if you were on the field with them. Every second, I kept expect...

 By Tim Leeds    Opinion    October 18, 2016

Some problems raised about candidate forum and coverage

Some representatives of local Republican parties have raised some issues — that are valid — both about the setup of and the coverage of the political candidate forum the Havre Daily News sponsored Thursday and an article about the forum that ran...

 Opinion    October 17, 2016

Juneau misrepresents truth in her advertising

Every election cycle, I’m reminded of the sad reality that politics are often void of truth. Just look at our own congressional race. Montanans have been barraged by a series of false attacks coming from Denise Juneau. It’s frustrating to see...

 Opinion    October 17, 2016

My message to Millenials on the 2016 election

I know you are busy but I hope you will take time to read this. My first presidential campaign was in 1960. The candidate was John F. Kennedy. I went to rallies, walked door to door, talked to everyone I could because I believed in him, and he passio...

 Opinion    October 14, 2016

Leadership needed to head off Social Security cuts

While the race for the White House dominates this fall’s news, new findings about Social Security should concern Montana workers who are paying into Social Security today.  We have long known that Social Security is headed for a fiscal cliff unles...

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    October 14, 2016

View from the North 40: Skills in the art of avoidance

In support of this year’s presidential candidates, I’ve stopped listening to them and have pursued a few hobbies instead. I’ve written about the yoga, and yes, it’s still reminding me that I...

 By Hill County Public Cemetary District    Opinion    October 13, 2016

Cemetery district asks for support in mill levy request

The Hill County Public Cemetery District is asking the residents of Hill County to increase funding to maintain the nine cemeteries in the district by requesting a mill levy increase on the ballot in November. The Cemetery District currently cares...

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion    October 13, 2016

Looking out my Backdoor: Meanwhile, back at the rancho

Those dratted leaf-cutter ants are at it again, drilling holes, raising mounds of pebbled dirt around their nests. Their chain-saw jaws can strip my hibiscus, roses, oleander and hydrangea in... Full story

 By Michael Korn    Opinion    October 12, 2016

Stewardship, not transfer, needed on public lands

Two years ago, the Conference of Western Attorneys General initiated research into the legality and precedents of efforts to move federal lands from public ownership. Recently, they released their conclusions, which have been endorsed by a...

 By John W. Parker    Opinion    October 11, 2016

Attacks on Supreme Court candidate Sandefur false

I have spent my entire legal career as a prosecutor. Judge Dirk Sandefur presided over many of my most significant cases. He possesses a brilliant legal mind and a work ethic no one can match. Now unscrupulous political operatives backed by dark... Full story

 By John L. Maatta Chester    Opinion    October 11, 2016

Prayers might be bearing fruit in Trump's life

What has defined America in the past no longer exists. Roughly 80 percent of Americans describe themselves as Christian but much current belief about what is moral bears little resemblance to biblical directives and traditional Christian teaching. Ho...

 Opinion    October 6, 2016

Looking Out My Back Door - All I can say

It is a good thing you have me to think of these things. It took a long time but I finally have the weather figured out. For years I have stated that weather forecasters use the dart board method. They follow a probability theory that some ding-bat...

 Opinion    October 6, 2016

As auditor I would focus on access, solutions

Election to the State Auditor’s Office means the individual will serve as insurance commissioner for Montana. This person will play a critical role in setting policy which will affect nearly every man, woman and child in our state. Whether through...

 Opinion    October 6, 2016

Where to find your next Montana steak? Could be China

If you ever find yourself on the other side of the Pacific homesick for Montana beef, you may soon be able to indulge at a local restaurant or supermarket in China.  In a game-changing move, China recently announced that it would...

 Opinion    October 5, 2016

Fighting for the interests of rural Montana

I serve as a commissioner in a county where nearly 50 percent of the land is federally owned. There are some Montana counties, such as Mineral and Sanders counties, where the federal government owns more than 80 percent of the lands. While we all...

 Opinion    October 5, 2016

Laslovich: Experience, results show qualifications for auditor

The Montana state auditor leads an office that is often overlooked or misunderstood, even though its insurance and investment work impacts every single Montanan. I’ve spent the past seven years serving as the top lawyer in the office and in that...

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    September 30, 2016

View from the North 40: Beware the wild-eyed, feral one

The essentials for traveling out of the country are simple: • Have a reliable vehicle. • Have a good driver. • Bring a familiar blanky and comfort food for the neurotic companion. • Leave the...

 By Mark Douglass    Opinion    September 29, 2016

Guest Column: Closure of CASA Montana state office will not effect local services to children

After more than a decade supporting local CASA programs and volunteer advocates with supplemental training, outreach, and statewide coordination, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Montana’s state office will discontinue operation October...

 By Pam Burke    Opinion    September 23, 2016

View from the North 40: Welcome to Canuck-land, folks

Owners of a store in the village of Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia, are employing some good ol’ colonial strategies to help out with a population problem that has become an employee shortage problem:...

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion    September 22, 2016

Looking Out My Backdoor: Cross your eyes and dot your teas

I like to write letters. I like to receive letters. It’s a lifelong habit for me. While I no longer have a mailbox, I do have an email account and a computer. While the pleasure is not even similar...


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