May 17, 2013 |

Diamond Dreams

Havre senior Davee McLeod is so much more than a dominant pitcher

Davee McLeod isn’t just any Havre High senior to navigate through the Blue Pony softball program the last four years.

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Yes, McLeod has been a permanent varsity fixture since her freshman season. And yes, as a freshman, McLeod was a key player in the Ponies’ last state tournament run. But taking into account what McLeod has done for the program over the last four years, all that is just the tip of the iceberg.

As a Pony softball player, McLeod has proven her talents. She is a two-time Academic All-State award honoree, as well as leading the team in batting average as a sophomore. Also as a sophomore, she was named First-Team All-Conference before following those accolades with the Second-Team All-Conference award she earned as a junior a year ago.

This season, her senior, and final, prep season is almost over, but McLeod is once again on track to earn even more accolades, team or other.

But with another season of her 12 years of softball experience winding down, it isn’t h...

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