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From birthday gift to GOP-mobile


October 21, 2013

Lindsay Brown

Bob Rice's vehicle sits parked on 5th Avenue last week.

Former Mayor Bob Rice's Republican vehicle can be seen around town, mostly by City Hall.

Rice said he received the vehicle from his cousin in Billings as a birthday present about 12 years ago when he was running for mayor the first time.

"The Republicans helped me fix it up," Rice said. "We did a lot of work on it, got it running, painted it up good, put some plastic hubcaps on it."

The vehicle is a 1973 American International used by the U.S. Postal Service.

Rice said his cousin used it to drive around on the fields of his farm and brought it to him on a sheep wagon.

Often, the vehicle is parked in front of Havre City Hall, which Democrats control.

Rice is seeking to regain the office he lost to Democrat Tim Solomon four years ago.


Reader Comments


DonJ writes:

I think the old Jeep looks good and its a very eyecatching way to get your name out. Good luck Bob

BaHAHa writes:

Did you also complain about the tacky pro-Solomon article taking credit for the recycling trailer? Seems the HDN is making some effort to balance their free campaign ad storys

Dsltruck writes:

I think this article is super tacky pre election. This is nothing more than free advertising and it's totally inappropriate. Who gives a rip where the eye sore came from. This isn't news.

2smart4u writes:

Because every clown needs a car!

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