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Our view: Thank veterans for their services


November 11, 2013

Today is the day dedicated to thousands of people up and down the Hi-Line who have served in the armed forces doing battle in times of war and working hard to preserve peace.

Veterans Day services will be held in places ranging from Washington, D.C. to Havre. These are often touching services paying tribute to people who served in foreign wars, in peaceful foreign locations or at home.

We hope that the best tributes people can give is not in the public ceremonies, but in private discussions with friends and acquaintances.

“Thank you for your service” — we hope lots of people use that simple phrase as they meet with veterans today.

Some veterans returned home to participate in the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars, but many just came home to get a job, raise a family and take part in the community.

We should honor both groups today.

Many veterans don’t wear their military service on their sleeves, but they always carry it in their hearts. By serving in the military, they were one small but valuable part of an organization that keeps the United States free.

We thank them for their service today.

We hope you will too.


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