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Where are emergency vehicles during bad weather?


February 3, 2014

I am writing this letter to our editor at 5 a.m.

Moments ago, I returned from driving a very sick dog who was having seizures at 3 a.m. to the vet office ... trying to calm my dog and holding tightly on to the wheel of my vehicle, having a difficult time maneuvering on main roads from Highland Park to Bear Paw Veterinary.

Amid my praying, I was thinking, how very serious it is to be driving on a proverbial ice skating rink ... and, despite my sadness in getting my beloved dog emergency medical help, I am amazed at how not one emergency vehicle was out in this sub-zero weather and iced over roads ... iced over main roads.

 No one patrolling the main roads. There were no early-morning road crews salting and sanding to make our roads safe for the precious children embarking on school buses, parents and guardians who trust that the roads will be made as safe as possible for their little ones, and the early morning commuters.

No wonder this state is high on depression and has a dwindling population. Does anyone care?

I have lived in different states and have worked for a police department and professionals who would have been out inspecting the roads and calling out the salt crews in safety for its people. Working the midnight desk, I saw the concern and compassion in our officers in checking all of the roads, side and main.

Amazingly, here, I saw no one. As I type this letter, I am watching out my window, looking at a main Havre road, as I try and comfort my dog ... soon, the school buses will be rolling ... nothing is happening to secure the roads in safety. I know I am not alone in this issue being worrisome. Folks have asked me to write in because I am a writer.

Does anyone care, does anyone want to make our town, our people, safer? There are instances where some of us need, due to emergencies, to venture out at all hours, as I have tonight, travel the roads. Some of us cannot wait till "dawn's early light" on our own missions of mercy.

Thank you, for listening. Thank you for caring, Havre Daily and thank you, Bear Paw Veterinary, Dr. Casey Peterson, for taking care of my beloved pet.

Carolaine Schafer



Reader Comments


Joe writes:

I would also be interested in knowing what diagnosis the dog received after getting the vet up in the middle of the night? Hypochondriac crazy owner syndrome?

Joe writes:

I guess all those people arrested in the police blotter every night are just lining up and turning themselves in? Here I thought there were plenty of cops working the rowdy crowd all night long.

moosemt writes:

This is winter in Montana. Don't like it? Move! Enough said.

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