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Our View: Make it easier for everyone to vote


April 1, 2014

A federal judge has ruled that the lawsuit against Blaine and two other Montana counties concerning Indian votings right can move forward.

Native American groups would like to have satellite election offices set up on reservations so it is easier for residents to register and vote.

In areas such as Lodge Pole at the far southeastern edge of the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation people have to travel more than 100 miles round trip to the Blaine County seat of Chinook in order to register to vote, making same-day registration difficult at best.

There are arguments pro and con on the lawsuit,...

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Reader Comments

Willy writes:

Like I said yesterday if the legislature would get off their rear end and pass an all mail ballot inititative that would solve this. Also I was wondering if you interviewed any of the defendents in the case or are you guys just going off the the reliable news feed?

daeagles writes:

you cannot believe your lying eyes. We must band together as bruddas to stop the vicious VOTER FRAUD that is infiltrating our la-ir. Oh wait a sec, that voter fraud claim only exists in right wing hysteroworld. actual facts show its almost nonexistent. on well, if we're not careful, ACORN may set up shop in blaine county! that's the ticket, we got them now...

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