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By Tim Leeds 

Fishing fees become an issue at Beaver Creek

FWP raises concerns about charging twice for fishing at park


May 7, 2014

Eric Seidle

A sign points Tuesday to the box at Beaver Creek Reservoir south of Havre where people can pay their daily use fee. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is concerned that charging a daily use fee to fishermen who buy fishing licenses could be illegal.

A state agency representative said Monday that the county might need to reconsider a day-use fee for Beaver Creek Park if it means charging people twice to fish.

Tom Flowers, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 6 regional manager in Glasgow, told the Hill County Park Board that FWP stocks fish in waters open to the public, with the stocking paid for through fishing license fees. If someone charges for access to the fishing site, FWP cannot stock the waters, he said.

"That's where we're kind of in a bind right now. We want to keep stocking, don't get me wrong ... ," Flowers said. "We c...

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Reader Comments

fishy writes:

The upper half of that reservoir is on State land and you have to buy a state lands use permit witch comes with your fishing license (only $2.00 ). I WILL NOT pay to fish Beaver Creek Reservoir when my fishing license pays for the fish.

joke writes:

It is a joke how much they charge to be outdoors. Everyone complains about how kids don't spend enough time outdoors but their parents can't afford to take them out there and enjoy the park that I grew up in. The fees are out of control to camp and fish. Even the cabin fees are out of control.

Laura writes:

There is a daily fishing fee at second lake. whoops.

Slickyboyboo writes:

Another Beaver Creek grab going on here. I will continue to fish in the lower lake and I will not pay an extra fee to do it. My fishing license pays for the fish being stocked in that lake and my county taxes pay for the parks needs again, I will not let the crooks running Beaver Creek Park double dip me. The management of the park is getting so far out of hand with the changes going on out there and the yearly fee to go have a picnic or maybe spend a night or 2 out there is beyond laughable.

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