June 20, 2014 |

Acupuncture sticks on the Hi-Line

The more than 2,000-year-old practice of acupuncture is alive on the Hi-Line.

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Eric Seidle
Acupuncturist Tammy Ellison inserts thin needles into the stomach of Brooke Skoyen during Brooke\'s acupuncture therapy session Tuesday in Havre at Simply Nature and Health Connections.

Acupuncture is a medical practice in which thin needles are inserted into key points along the body to relieve symptoms and bring bodies back into balance.

Tammy Ellison is an acupuncturist, which are rare to come by in the Hi-Line region.

"Nothing sticks around that long if it's not that effective," said Ellison, who lives in Chinook.

The technique is older than Western medicine and is "tried and true," she added.

"It treats everything," Ellison said. She said that she often uses acupuncture to treat pain a...

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