July 18, 2014 |

Celebrating History: Newspaper's Booster Edition

The July 18, 1914, issue of the Hill County Democrat was a very interesting one. It was a Booster Edition, full of columns boasting about how great Hill County, Havre and Montana were to live and work. The issue was 24 pages in length, with only one of those pages and a scattered short column or two pertaining to national and world events. Pictures were in this newspaper of buildings and interiors of businesses long gone, unfortunately, the ones that most of us have not seen are of poor quality, so I am not able to share them with readers.

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Courtesy photo
This undated photo shows,from right, the Gourley Bakery, the Havre National Bank and Boone\'s Drug Store, located on south side of the 200 block of 1st Street in downtown Havre.

Lengthy columns regarding businesses and some bu...

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