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Slipping around


December 1, 2017

You know, Lord, a long while ago there was an article about some preachers who were caught “slipping” around. First thought was: are clergymen charlatans, quakes or fakes? It seems an unnamed author investigated his own local clergy. His findings caused some folks to investigate ministers in their own home towns. Here’s what a few investigators discovered.

Several fascinating quotations are listed here from the some of the unnamed investigators: One of our local pastors was reported to have slipped money into the hand of a needy parent. In the same town, another pastor slipped his arm around an elderly gentleman in a Rest Home, offering up a prayer for him (off-camera, of course).

  And this one; can you believe that at 2 a.m., one local preacher quietly slipped out of his house so as not to disturb his family, and headed up to the hospital to spend the rest of the night comforting distraught parents whose baby’s life was ebbing quietly away?

  Another pastor apparently slipped into a hospital room of a lonely pregnant teenage girl (a girl with non-supportive parents). He reportedly assured her of God’s love, and It’s speculated that he also prayed for her.  In another town a preacher slipped in and visited an old lady in her home, bringing her communion. Someone “saw” him slip into two other homes of folks who needed a bit of compassion, too.

  Lord, when we think of all ministers everywhere who are busy “slipping around;” we know they are only taking after You, Lord, their “boss!” For You, Lord, You also “slipped” around doing “good.” It says so right in Your Book, Acts 10:38. “He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed…for God was with Him.” We thank You, Lord, for pastors/preachers who “slip around” doing good in our town, too.

Love Mara


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