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Supreme Court: Mack Truck v. Motor Scooter

Judicial independence is a matter of constitutional law and American tradition. By the strict design of our Founders, our separate court system has been independent of party politics, and therefore not guided by party platforms... — Updated 9/20/2022

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Honoring our Montana heroes and heroines on Veterans Day

John Henry “Gatling Gun” Parker had earned his moniker by providing the covering fire for Teddy Roosevelt’s immortal assault on San Juan Hill. Nearly 20 years later his 6 feet, 3 inch frame made him an easy target while... — Updated 11/8/2013 Full story

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Foes find common ground on Montana's resources

Last month, Chuck Roady, vice president and general manager of F.H. Stoltz Land and Lumber Co., a family-owned sawmill that has been operating in northwest Montana for more than... — Updated 8/5/2013 Full story

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There's more to Custer than his last stand

The name George Custer is etched in the annals of U.S. and Montana history for the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876. Less well-known is that Custer may have been the man who won the Civil War. The incident, known mostly to... — Updated 7/2/2013 Full story

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Governor vetoes used to be rare, should be again

Since adoption of Montana’s 1972 constitution our Governors have vetoed 293 bills in 21 legislative sessions.  More than half the vetoes, however, 149, have been cast in just the last two sessions. What’s going on? Well, Demo... — Updated 6/12/2013 Full story

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Somebody has to go first

Acting on that truism is the essence of leadership. While it is equally true that you can only get stabbed in the back if you're out front, leaders have the guts to take that risk. Non-leaders do not. Leaders must also earn the tru...

 By Bob Brown    Opinion

Two great Montanans left us recently

Joe Mazurek was a wise and insightful peacemaker. His passing was not unexpected, but his legacy for fairness and gentle persuasion will live on in the memory of all those who had the good fortune to work with him in the political...


Filibuster system needs overhaul

With the new session of Congress about to begin, the U.S. Senate has an opportunity to reform its filibuster rule, an arcane parliamentary device which has paralyzed the proceedings of the entire legislative branch of our...

 By Bob Brown    Opinion

Poor John Q. Public has a budget problem

Bob Brown It is said that "facts are stubborn things." So are the figures on which facts are based. The following example didn't originate with me, but in revising and verifying it, I consulted the highly respected, bipartisan... Full story


Montana’s present constitution is fine the way it is

Montana's present constitution is fine the way it is Former Montana Secretaary of State bob Brown Montana's original 1889 state constitution had become increasingly out-dated and unworkable. The 1969 Legislature referred the... Full story


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