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  • Assisted suicide laws can lead to murder

    Bradley Williams|Updated Jun 20, 2013

    I am the President of Montanans Against Assisted Suicide. Thank you for your Associated Press article about our lawsuit against the Board of Medical Examiners. We are awaiting the results of the court hearing. Meanwhile, I would like to alert your readers to our upcoming event "Assisted-Suicide: Whose Choice?" The title refers to the reality of legalization in which the choice of whether someone dies can be determined by someone other than the patient. Consider this observation by Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the... Full story

  • Assisted suicide is not legal; abuse can't be controlled

    Bradley Williams, president, Montanas Against Assisted Suicide

    Editor: This letter responds to The Associated Press article regarding Monday floor vote on House Bill 505, which failed to pass by four votes, 27-23. We are disappointed but are continuing our efforts to prevent assisted suicide legalization in Montana. The AP article implies that assisted suicide is legal now, which is not the case. The Montana Supreme Court case, Baxter v. Montana, merely gives assisting doctors a potential defense to prosecution for homicide. The case offers no protection to nondoctors. The case gives no...

  • HB 505 will prevent elder abuse and protect all Montanans

    Bradley Williams

    I am the President of Montanans Against Assisted Suicide, a nonprofit public benefit corporation and a grassroots group opposed to assisted suicide. We welcome everyone opposed to assisted suicide regardless of your views on other issues. This session, we are supporting House Bill 505, which is a short and simple bill that clarifies the offense of aiding or soliciting suicide. The bill's other purpose is to prevent the legalization of physician-assisted suicide in Montana. Assisted suicide means that someone provides the...

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