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  • What to do if an animal bites you

    Clay Vincent, Hill County sanitarian|Updated Oct 11, 2016

    The Hill County Health Department is dedicated to help people with health concerns of all types and this includes animal bites. My office receives about one animal bite report per week, of which most occur in the Havre area. Many of these bites come from dogs but can come from cats, bats or other wild animals. There are certain procedures that I am asking people to remember any time an animal bites a person. They are very important, and they will hopefully save a lot of...

  • Few problems seen with urban chickens

    Clay Vincent|Updated Feb 25, 2015

    As the Hill County sanitarian and a lifelong pet owner, I would like to make my thoughts known on the issue of urban chickens. I have owned dogs or cats all of my life and only until recently did I lose my dog due to old age. Pets are a part of our family, and it bothers me to see many dogs or cats abandoned or running loose. I do not see a lot of individuals purchasing chickens as a pet, but more for eggs and meat. I have researched this idea of urban chickens and find that...

  • 'Tis the season, once again

    Hill County Sanitarian Clay Vincent

    These words give all of us the sense that things need to be done. I am not talking about Christmas, but I am referring to all of the jobs that present themselves to us when the snow starts to melt away. As the days get longer, the jobs multiply. Spring is on its way and there are many jobs to do. It should be easy for us to get away from a winter wonderland of snow capped hills, icy roads and cold temperatures. The site of brown dead grass, dusty gray roads and pile after pile of our favorite pets' droppings all over the...

  • Plastic sacks cause damage to environment

    Clay Vincent

    For many years now, I have been hearing comments from many Havre and Hill County residents concerning the visual problems associated with blowing plastic sacks throughout the county. Plastic sacks that are used to carry various items from local stores have a brief life of service, and then they are disposed of. I have seen many people purchase large volumes of groceries, collect 8 to 10 plastic sacks to carry the items to the car or their home. Then the bags are discarded. As...

  • Please show responsibility at county trash sites

    Clay Vincent

    Many residents around Hill County do not have a trash collection service and must haul their garbage to the landfill or one of our remote sites. Most of these sites are owned by Hill County and are considered public land. My office has received many calls over the past few years concerning the upkeep of these sites. It seems that there are a few citizens in Hill County who feel that they can dump their trash on the dirt pad instead of in the large dumpsters. This creates a...