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  • Lund Memorial Bike Ride - wish you were here

    Crystal Faldalen|Updated Aug 2, 2013

    Kellen Lund loved nothing more than a sunny summer day. It meant he could spend the day with his friends — laughing, listening to music and riding his bicycle around his hometown of Havre. In 2009, Kellen’s life was cut tragically short when he was struck by a grain truck while walking his bike across the viaduct at the intersection of 1st Street and 7th Avenue. Kellen was 9 years old. The accident weighed heavily, not only on the hearts of Kellen’s family and friends, but o... Full story

  • 'Idol' donations continue to fund education

    Crystal Faldalen|Updated Jul 29, 2013

    Fans of Montana State University-Northern Athletics may know Sierra Diehl as an outstanding former volleyball player for the Skylights. Diehl, a Helena native, daughter of Dawn Larson and Shay Diehl, was also the voice of the national anthem at many Northern home games. Now her adventure auditioning for a national television series will help an incoming freshman continue mixing education and music, funding a one-time scholarship to help a Havre High School graduate attend... Full story

  • My alter-ego as a rap star

    Crystal Faldalen|Updated Jul 10, 2013

    I found a shirt online that I must have. It’s a simple black tee with the phrase “I Only Rap Caucasianally” printed on it in bold white letters. Yep, that’s me (no, not the bold, white part). I actually fancy myself quite the lyrical gangster. I can spit a rhyme like nobody’s business. OK, well … maybe not, but what I mean is, I like to sing along to old-school rap artists like Salt-n-Peppa and Snoop Dogg while I drive around in my car (which is not, as of yet, a tricked-out... Full story

  • My 'Bachelorette' confession

    Crystal Faldalen|Updated Jun 12, 2013

    I have a confession. This is not easy for me to put into words, but I feel the need to purge my soul. After living with my mother for a few months (after an all-too-brief transplant to San Antonio, which I will elaborate on another day), I seem to have picked up one of her bad habits. At one time or another, I suppose most women fear becoming their mother. For the most part, I had harbored no such fear, as my mom is a pretty swell gal. Or so I thought. Upon learning of this... Full story

  • I have my boots on and I'm ready to dance

    Crystal Faldalen|Updated Jun 5, 2013

    Stupid country music — making me weepy again! I didn’t used to be such a bawl-baby. But a couple kids, a divorce and the realization that I’m officially a thirty-something have all combined to make this girl a little more fragile than she used to be. So, what do I do about it? I find myself once again over-sharing my two-cents with perfect strangers in a column resurrected from the dusty files of the Havre Daily News. For some reason, I guess I find this place, and this colum... Full story