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  • Problems at veterans hospitals are disgusting

    Don Mahlum|Updated May 9, 2014

    I and other local veterans are really disgusted with the reported action by the Department of Veterans Affairs in Arizona where, according to TV reports, the VA has had possibly up to some-40 veterans die awaiting medical treatment at the VA medical treatment place. If these reports are correct, this is no way to treat people who are giving so much for our country. In my opinion, I hope they didn't get a bonus for doing an "outstanding" job. I worked as a teacher for many years for the taxpayers and I did not ever get a... Full story

  • Stop arguing, start working

    Don Mahlum|Updated Oct 16, 2013

    The shutdown of our government over all of the U.S.A. is in its 15th day as I write this. As a result, many locations have been closed. The most damaging has been the lack of payment of $100,000 each family was supposed to receive after a loved one is killed in the war. Many, many federal parks, memorials, forests, canyons and other sites have been made "off limits" to the general public. This didn't have to take place. Congress decided to, among other "off work days," take the whole month of August off and go home for a... Full story

  • Thanks to hospital cardio rehab staff

    Don Mahlum|Updated Sep 19, 2013

    I just finished 12 weeks of my therapy at Northern Montana Hospital. My doctor arranged for Medicare to pay for this in the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation department on the first floor. I followed the staff directions to the letter and I am amazed at the progress I made. The staff, including nurse Jen Granell, who watched my heart monitor, and Andrea Laumeyer and Cory LaBrie who led me through each step a dozen or more times each day were persistent in making sure I did every detail right. I made real progress over the 12... Full story

  • Havre Daily News should keep opinions on Opinion page

    Don Mahlum

    Editor: This is in response to a controversy to an "advertisement" or a "news item" you ran on the front page on the topic of a negative mailing sent out by an organization who wanted to damage Kris Hansen ("State Democrats target Rep. Hansen in Havre," March 2). Hansen is District 33 representative to the state legislature. Yes, I know there is nothing illegal about running an ad on the front page of a newspaper, but a professional journalist does separate "opinion" out of the "news story." At the same time, a news writer...