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  • Right-to-know bill affects everybody

    G. Bruce Meyers|Updated Apr 2, 2015

    Montana residents assume that our state government supports the basic American goals of freedom, fairness and equal justice for all — the founding principles on which our nation and constitution were established. Yet some Yet many of our state leaders are overlooking a policy that denies Montana citizens a basic constitutional right. Some tribal people, as citizens of Montana, are not granted some civil rights — such as open meeting laws — that other Montana citizens take for granted. The “Right to know” is guarantee...

  • Impose sanctions on this local despotic regime

    G. Bruce Meyers|Updated Dec 4, 2014

    In recent history, the United States has supported economic sanctions against authoritarian regimes around the world. However, in our own backyard there exists a tribal regime that has gone unnoticed for its undemocratic rule and repressive actions taken against its own people. Congress has chosen to ignore the mounting evidence of corruption, fraud, embezzlement and the denial of civil rights by this regime. The excuse is that “American Indian Nations are independent and sovereign, and we can’t touch them.” Recent actio... Full story