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 By Ila McClenahan    Local    May 4, 2020

Wisdom & Grace: Wisdom & Grace: When it's springtime on the prairie

Be assured of this one thing: I love spring! Recently I took a pole of my grandkids of what their favorite season is. Kami likes fall because of the pretty colors. Karter prefers summer because...

 By Ila McClenahan    Local    April 6, 2020

Wisdom and Grace: In reading 2020: Eyam, England

I’ve got to admit for a people person like myself, self-distancing has been a challenge. Living three-and-a half miles from the nearest neighbor helps. I’ve done a lot of sewing projects and clean...

 By Ila McClenahan    Local    March 2, 2020

Wisdom & Grace: Asia Bound: Hong Kong and Myanmar

23,388 Miles • Plus: 22 Days • Plus: Six Airports • Plus: 12 Planes • Plus: 28 Amazing, Awesome Students • Plus: Wonderful Co-worker and Four Astounding Professors • Plus: No Sickness or...


Wisdom & Grace: It was a good trip to Myanmar

"So, you had a good trip?" a friend recently asked at the grocery store. "Oh yes. I had a great trip!" I answered. "Even with being stopped by the immigration officials and having to return to Hong...


Wisdom and Grace: Asia bound - Myanmar and Hong Kong

Everything seemed to be going pretty well. Because of the recent protests and riots, I was nervous about traveling by myself to Hong Kong (population 7.400,000). The Hong Kong airport was closed to...


Wisdom and Grace: Asia bound: Hong Kong and Myanmar

When you read this, I won’t be around. I am bound for Asia: Hong Kong and then onto Myanmar (Burma). It is probably the longest, scariest trip I have ever taken. If you are a praying person, please...


Wisdom & Grace: Little schoolhouse on the prairie

Forgive me, Lord. The other Sunday at church I was looking around the congregation instead of honoring You with my heart and mind during the music worship time. I couldn't believe who I saw across...


Wisdom and Grace: North to Alaska: Part 3

"Five weeks together?" they asked. "You spent five weeks together in a pickup camper? No one else? Just the two of you. Wow!" To which I responded, "Yup, and we're still married and still friends ......


Senior News: Wherefore Art Thou Class of 1970?

Perhaps because of my own name, I’ve always been interested in names. Several years ago I was visiting with my friend Terri Magelssen. “My sister Roilene was here this summer,” she said....

 By Ila McClenahan    Local    May 2, 2016

Wherefore art thou Class of 1970? A Tale of Two Commissioners

"Amazing. Isn't it? How we're led to the place we really should be?" Recently I was privileged to share with two of my Havre High School Class of 1970 classmates, and this is the quote that I was...

 By Ila McClenahan    Local    April 4, 2016

Wisdom & Grace: A dream come true

A dream come true. A dream come true. That’s what happened to me a couple of weekends ago. Something that I thought would never be possible for me again … happened. I rode a horse. After three...


Wherefore Art thou Class of 1970? 'The 9 Debbies'

For the past three months I’ve been in search of the nine Debbies that I graduated with in the Havre High School Class of 1970. They were Conroy, Duty, Dykstra, Engdahl, Greytak, Grodahl, Kuhr,...

 By Ila McClenahan    Local    April 6, 2015

Wherefore art thou Class of 1970?

Darla Jean and Darryl James. Darryl James and Darla Jean. Now there are two twin names that just roll off your tongue. Darryl and Darla Smith are the fourth of five sets of twins that I’ve been... Full story


Wherefore art thou Class of 1970?

Twins are intriguing. My maternal grandmother was a twin, and mom had twin cousins. I have twin nieces (Kimberly Renee and Kelly Rae), whom I love dearly. Being the youngest child and four years behin... Full story

 By Ila McClenahan    Local    July 7, 2014

Wherefore art thou, Havre Class of 1970?

Just two weeks before her delivery date, Genevieve Haugen found out she and her husband would soon be adding twins to their family. The twins would be joining older sister Judy (Molitor). On Oct. 1,... Full story

 By Ila McClenahan    Local    June 2, 2014

Where for art thou, Class of 1970?

Was anyone else impressed with the number of twins in the Havre High School Class of 1970? Maybe it was because they were such genuine people, such individuals. You would hardly know they were... Full story


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