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  • Sabotaging Montana's finance legacy

    Jim Hightower

    As a Montana newspaper editorial succinctly put it: "The greatest living issue confronting us today is whether the corporations shall control the people or the people shall control the corporations." Jim Hightower That might sound like it was written in the wake of the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling. But it was actually in 1906, back when Montanans were rising up against out-of-state mining corporations known as the "copper kings." Those corporate powers were exploiting Montana's workforce, extracting its public...

  • We can all be Missoulians

    Jim Hightower

    In November's elections, the national media gave extensive coverage to a proposed "personhood amendment" to Mississippi's state constitution. This extremist, anti-choice ballot initiative declared that a person's life begins not at birth, but at the very instant that a sperm meets the egg. Jim Hightower However, extending full personhood to two-cell zygotes was too far out even for many of Mississippi's anti-choice voters, so the proposition was voted down. Meanwhile, the national media paid no attention to another...

  • Adding toxics to an already toxic oil spill

    Jim Hightower Columnist Minuteman Media

    Let's say that you have a water well, and a leak from an underground tank at a nearby gasoline station has contaminated your water. Not to worry, says the station owner, for he can fix the problem by dumping a secret mixture of toxic chemicals into your well. Would you say "thank you" — or immediately dial 911 to tell authorities to come quickly with a large net and a straightjacket? Astonishingly, this insane scenario is playing right now. The "water well" is the Gulf of Mexico, the gas station contaminator is BP, and the t...

  • Limbaugh loves universal health coverage

    Jim Hightower Columnist Minuteman Media

    Keep talking, Rush — we love ya man! Rush Limbaugh, that is — the radio rattlebrain who led the right-wing's air attack on Barack Obama's health care reform campaign. Spewing venom, spittle and ignorance, Limbaugh used his microphone like a cattle prod, delivering jolt after jolt to the 24 percent of Republicans who now tell pollsters that they believe Obama "may be the Antichrist." For Rush, the health care fight was personal. In January, suffering with chest pains, the yackety-yacker was rushed to a hospital in Hawaii. Aft...

  • Bottled pollution

    Jim Hightower Columnist Minuteman Media

    I know we're a nation of inveterate consumers, but who would buy pollution in a bottle? Well, millions of Americans do, to the tune of $11 billionworth a year. That's the size of our bottled-water industry, dominated by such giants as Nestlé and Coca-Cola. But wait, shriek industry PR flacks, our product is pure goodness, not pollution. What are you talking about?! Start with the little-reported fact that bottled water can contain a toxic mix of industrial chemicals never tested for safety. Also, many tests of bottled water...

  • American strength — made in China

    Jim Hightower Columnist Minuteman Media

    You can knock us Americans down, but you can't keep us down. For example, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City were crashed to the ground on 9/11. But now, a new tower is rising from those very ashes — a soaring steel and glass monument to the American spirit, a powerful symbol of our national resilience. Well — except for the glass. A company named Beijing Glass got the government contract to provide the window panes that'll cover the first 20 stories of the tower. Yes, the monument to our national spir...

  • Look out wildlife, BP is doing it again!

    Columnist Minuteman Media Jim Hightower

    O K , p e o p l e , nature needs us to focus. All of us who love polar bears, whales, seabirds and other wildlife should p u t o u r minds together to send an urgent telepathic message to the animals in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska. Our me s sage i s blunt: Flee! As fast as you can! BP is coming! While our attention has been riveted on BP's disastrous blowout in the Gulf, the British oil giant has been quietly and quickly drilling another risky offshore well three miles off of Alaska's north coast. Dubbed "Liberty," this...