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Adding toxics to an already toxic oil spill

Let's say that you have a water well, and a leak from an underground tank at a nearby gasoline station has contaminated your water. Not to worry, says the station owner, for he can fix the problem by dumping a secret mixture of...


Limbaugh loves universal health coverage

Keep talking, Rush — we love ya man! Rush Limbaugh, that is — the radio rattlebrain who led the right-wing's air attack on Barack Obama's health care reform campaign. Spewing venom, spittle and ignorance, Limbaugh used his...


Bottled pollution

I know we're a nation of inveterate consumers, but who would buy pollution in a bottle? Well, millions of Americans do, to the tune of $11 billionworth a year. That's the size of our bottled-water industry, dominated by such...


American strength — made in China

You can knock us Americans down, but you can't keep us down. For example, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City were crashed to the ground on 9/11. But now, a new tower is rising from those very ashes — a soa...


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