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 By Rick Dow    Opinion

Replace Ragnar, maintain political correctness

The owners of the Vikings must face the paternalism and audacity of "White Privilege" that the mascot, Ragnar, projects. In this age of raising awareness and promoting diversity how can the Vikings in good conscious retain Ragnar... — Updated 7/3/2014 Full story

 By Rick Dow    Opinion

Feds should ensure snow-free sidewalks

Our sidewalks are not being cleared of snow to universal approval. Havre’s current ordinance calls for homeowners to clear the sidewalks on their property within 24 hours. Why are the property owners being asked to maintain a... — Updated 2/6/2014 Full story

 By Rick Dow    Opinion

May Day 2013

Whereas, the historical nature of man's existence on this earth has been one of servitude to a monarch, despot or benevolent government; and Whereas, collectivist thinking dictates that only by following an amalgamation of... Full story

 By Rick Dow    Opinion

Don't be like Havre Daily, follow the story on Vibrant Futures

The role of the press in our country is quite unique. They are called to be the most inquisitive amongst us. Their importance and power is specifically enumerated in the First Amendment to our U.S. Constitution: "Congress shall...

 By Rick Dow    Opinion

Combining church and state precipitates a higher sewer rate

The United States has a long tradition of keeping church and state separate. The U.S. Declaration of Independence was based on Virginia's Declaration of Rights, which was written by George Mason. When it became clear that the Bill... Full story

 By Rick Dow    Opinion

Wiping away the tears of James J. Hill

When traveling north down tree-lined 3rd Avenue in Havre, Montana you will pass by many well-kept historic and contemporary houses. Beautiful wood, brick and stone churches are found nearby on parallel streets to the right. The...

 By Rick Dow    Opinion

Wiping away the tears of James J. Hill

When traveling north down tree-lined 3rd Avenue in Havre, Montana you will pass by many well-kept historic and contemporary houses. Beautiful wood, brick and stone churches are found nearby on parallel streets to the right. The Hil...

 By Rick Dow    Opinion

The 800-pound black-gold gorilla in the room

Regarding the Nov. 25, Havre Daily News story headlined "Baucus asks businesses how to boost border trade:" Rick Dow Senator Baucus is chair of the Senate Finance Committee, which has sole jurisdiction on international trade and...

 By Rick Dow    Local

Correction to recent guest column

Editor: Thanks to the Havre Daily News for publishing my guest column on Tuesday April 26. In the sixth paragraph a key sentence was not completely printed. The sentence should have read: Just as Montana and Idaho received an...


Threats have no place in public discourse

Threats have no place in public discourse Editor: What do we have in common? Well, we both call Havre, Mont., home. Aside from that geographical fact, it would be very difficult to find much of anything for which we agree.... Full story

 By Rick Dow    Opinion

Will the USA stay red, white and blue or become U.N.-Green?

"There is a certain stoic quality to the people of the Hi-Line, definitely rugged self-reliant individualism up here. A lot of traits in the character of the people up here that used to exist in America. That, perhaps, no longer... Full story

 By Rick Dow    Opinion

Monuments, medical marijuana, Obamacare and Roe v. Wade

Monuments, medical marijuana, Obamacare and Roe v. Wade Rick Dow What do all of these hot button issues have in common? The answer quite simply is they represent the battle between state rights and federal rights. A strong but...


Details matter

Editor: Regarding Zach White's article, "GOP points to violations in Kaul's council race funding, " in the Sept. 15 Havre Daily News: The state of Montana candidate forms mentioned in this story were incorrectly referred to as...

 By Rick Dow    Opinion

Breaker 1-9, freedom is under assault in 59501

The 1977 movie "Smokey and the Bandit" is truly an American classic. The plot was simple enough. A couple of Georgia politicians needed 400 cases of their favorite beer for a shindig, the catch being that Coors was only available...


Food safety act may be unconstitutional

Editor: 'The Food Safety Modernization Act' (SB 510) was passed by the U. S. Senate on Dec. 2. The most recent problem with this bill, which originated in the Senate, is that it raises revenue through various fees. According to... Full story


The right cheese for an afternoon whine

Rick Dow — guest columnist The day after Thanksgiving is for leftovers and laziness. It is a weekday, but yet it feels like a weekend day; a day with a different tempo, a day to be enjoyed in a kick back kind of way. It is a day...

 By Rick Dow    Opinion

Dish Detergent DDT and deluded devotees to disparate deities

Other than delivering the Boston Globe door to door each morning before junior high school, the first clock-punching job that I ever had was that of a dishwasher. In 1980 $3.10 per hour was amazing money compared to delivering...


Possible news highlights from the year 2020

There was standing room only at the Havre City Council meeting last night. As soon as the United Nations pledge of allegiance to the earth was recited, the gathering was called to order. Tempers flared as the council members... Full story


High horse and high court

If you run the phrase "high horse" through any online search engine you will get a fairly consistent definition: a haughty attitude or temper; a contemptuous manner. These are not flattering words. No sane person would want to be t...


History does not need to be repeated

Wednesday, July 14, is the French holiday known as Bastille Day. Wait, please do not put the paper down while muttering "Who gives a rat's derriere about some French holiday?!" Bastille is derived from the word bastide which means...


‘Who is Ray Bolger?’

The program "Jeopardy" became famous for many reasons. The primary novelty of this show was the way in which the trivia game was played. Alec Trebek would always remind the contestants to "Make sure your answer is in the form of a... Full story



Mountebank is defined as follows: 1. A person who sells quack medicines, as from a platform in public places, attracting and influencing an audience by tricks, storytelling, etc. 2. Any charlatan or quack. Synonyms 1. Pitchman. 2....


Praise for and a question for Sen. Baucus

On July 27, Sen. Max Baucus announced that he was introducing an amendment to our United States Constitution to regulate corporate political contributions. We should all be very proud and appreciative that our Senator does not try... Full story


Catholic School Week and the Blues Brothers

While growing up, I did not know much about the Catholic school system. During high school I remember, however, noticing that my friends who attended Catholic schools K-8 consistently did better in academics. This observation...


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