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  • High horse and high court

    Rick Dow Havre resident

    If you run the phrase "high horse" through any online search engine you will get a fairly consistent definition: a haughty attitude or temper; a contemptuous manner. These are not flattering words. No sane person would want to be the recipient of another person belittling them with, "Get off your high horse and deal with the facts!" Few among us would want to be accused of such ignorance and arrogance. The second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence starts: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are cr...

  • ‘Who is Ray Bolger?’

    Rick Dow Havre resident

    The program "Jeopardy" became famous for many reasons. The primary novelty of this show was the way in which the trivia game was played. Alec Trebek would always remind the contestants to "Make sure your answer is in the form of a question!" The title of this column is written in the same spirit. Ray Bolger was born in Boston on Jan. 10, 1904. Ray was a standup comedian who also had some amazing dance moves. He played Vaudeville and Broadway before moving to Hollywood in 1936. It was in a 1939 film that he became part of... Full story

  • Catholic School Week and the Blues Brothers

    Rick Dow Havre resident

    While growing up, I did not know much about the Catholic school system. During high school I remember, however, noticing that my friends who attended Catholic schools K-8 consistently did better in academics. This observation seemed doomed for a remote corner of my brain, never to be recalled again. Some of us accept quite easily the idea that we evolved from a lightening strike to a puddle of single cells a long, long time ago. Trying to answer the question "Where did we come from?" is a challenge that each of us grapples...