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 By Will Rawn    Opinion

On Second Thought: Democracy in Montana

Recently, American environmentalists envied the people of Ecuador. In Ecuador, a country where the murder rate is soaring, the economy stagnant and the national government often on... — Updated 9/15/2023

 By Will Rawn    Opinion

On Second Thought: Let's invoke the Third Amendment

The Bill of Rights has become controversial. Some think we need a disinformation board to save us from an excess of First Amendment’s free speech. Not that long ago, a retired... — Updated 8/8/2023

 By Will Rawn    Opinion

On Second Thought: Beware the dead center

The No Labels Party thinks the country needs a centrist option for the 2024 presidential contest — maybe something like a West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin/former... — Updated 6/13/2023

 By Will Rawn    Opinion

On Second Thought: Congress didn't save democracy again

Did you hear the story about Pramila Jayapal and Matt Rosendale, in the U.S. House, and Elizabeth Warren and Steve Daines, in the Senate, joining forces to get their congressional... — Updated 10/18/2022

 By Will Rawn    Opinion

On second thought: Eastern Montana voters can make House races fun again

U.S. House races are boring. It's a Democratic district or it's a Republican district, that's all you need to know. That was definitely the look of Montana's new eastern... — Updated 8/26/2022

 By Will Rawn    Opinion

On Second Thought: Let's get down to cases, senators

Argument is a way for people with differing perspectives on an issue, abortion, for example, to test and reshape each other's ideas and, sometimes, even reason out a new idea... — Updated 7/25/2022

 By Will Rawn    Opinion

On Second Thought: What's he building in there?

It is several weeks since the Department of Homeland Security’s admonishment, “If You See Something, Say Something” reached me on Facebook. I don’t remember the... — Updated 5/27/2022

 By Will Rawn    Opinion

On Second Thought: The Good Guys Caucus

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., recently quipped that it is amazing the Congressional approval rating ever rises to the height of 19 percent. It is not good when only 19 percent of... — Updated 5/20/2022

 By Will Rawn    Opinion

On Second Thought: Where is the beef?

Lately, everybody is mad at the Big Four beef packers. Last December, the Biden administration reported that, since the outset of the pandemic, a period when it could be hard to... — Updated 5/13/2022

 By Will Rawn    Opinion

On Second Thought: There ought to be a law

Thanks to the Supreme Court and the Department of Homeland Security, the partisan bonfire should burn hotter than ever for this year's congressional contests. Not long after the... — Updated 5/6/2022


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