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Letter to the Editor - Thanks to Thanksgiving volunteers and stay safe

Editor, I would like to say a great big “Thank you” to all of the volunteers in the past who have helped people in Havre on Thanksgiving. This year, the dinner had to be canceled because of COVID. I’m pleased that the... — Updated 11/25/2020


Letter to the Editor - COVID wave demands new thinking

Editor, This year has been different in so many ways, however one way it will remain the same is that flu season is coming. Montana physicians and the Montana Medical Association see this flu season likely to place an... — Updated 11/24/2020


Letter to the Editor - This letter is directed to the Board of Trustees of Havre Public Schools.

My son and others need to get back to school. They have already lost more days than I would care to think about that can never be made up. I know my son will graduate just fine. In fact, my belief is that every student in the HPS... — Updated 11/23/2020


Letter to the Editor - We used to be better than this

Editor, There is an old cabinet in our shop building with the letters “VA DAY” on the front. It’s a reminder of a time when Americans came together and made personal sacrifices for their country. Many joined the military,... — Updated 11/20/2020


Letter to the Editor - Protecting the planet is everyone's job

Dear Editor,  There is no question that the health of humanity is inextricably tied to the health of nature. As explorers, we have witnessed the wonder of our world’s biodiversity firsthand. However, we have also seen the... — Updated 11/18/2020


Letter to the Editor - Thanks for plowing

Editor, Thank you, city plows for plowing my street … 10th Street West. Dona Woods Havre... — Updated 11/11/2020


Letter to the Editor - Hunter's orange and masks

Editor, Why is it that many of the same people who refuse to wear masks in relation to COVID-19 will wear the state-mandated amount of orange during hunting season? Does being forced to wear orange not “infringe” upon their... — Updated 10/26/2020


Happy retirement Jack Trethewey

Dear Editor, The fires were hot down Yellowstone way “We’re headed North” is all Janet did say. So off to Havre where the wind does blow Jack agreed to follow and go. For three long years he played the game Until an opening... — Updated 10/24/2020


Mask up for life

Dear Editor, “Wash your hands.” “Wear a mask.” Words that will ring in my ears until this dreaded virus is stopped forever. Until we abide by these regulations, we not live to see what happens. We use seat belts, buy... — Updated 10/20/2020


Do not deface the flag

Dear Editor, Recently I have observed a troubling trend regarding the inappropriate use of the flag of these United States of America. Two examples of which are: defacing the American flag with the name of a person and replacing... — Updated 10/20/2020


Letter to the Editor - An open letter to my Havre High School Shakespeare teacher

To Mr. Jay Pyette, It’s been a long time. I haven’t seen you since I went slinking out of your Shakespeare class with, what was it, a D-minus, I believe? Not my proudest academic achievement, but I thank you for not failing me... — Updated 10/14/2020


Letter to the Editor - Thanks to all helping and caring

Dear editor, It’s been a while since I’ve your “letter” section utilized to offer grateful reminders to all those deserving people in our community as we continue facing the onslaught of COVID-19. I realize social media all... — Updated 10/9/2020


Letter to the Editor - Help us get counted

Editor, I am writing to remind the Havre community of the importance of the 2020 Census, with the hope that those of you who have not yet completed the Census may learn of its significance, especially in our rural communities.... — Updated 9/25/2020


Letter to the Editor - We are all in these times together

Editor, In these days of racial tensions, I must speak of my multiracial family. All of my children have Black heritage. All have Native American heritage, all have Gros Ventre ancestors. Some are enrolled at Fort Belknap. Some... — Updated 9/11/2020


Letter to the Editor - Kiwanis Pancake Feed canceled

The Kiwanis Club of Havre regrets to announce that we will not be holding our annual Pancake Day this fall.  We feel that the risks to public safety outweigh the benefit to be gained from holding the event. We do plan on holding... — Updated 9/9/2020


Letter to the Editor - Lawmakers saving Postal Service is critical

Editor, I have been reading with interest the news articles about the disruption of the U.S. Postal Service over the last week. I rely on the USPS to deliver several of my life-saving medications. The latest attempts by Postmaster... — Updated 9/3/2020


Letter to the editor - Conserve, not log, forests

Editor, The Bozeman Municipal Watershed logging project, the South Plateau Landscape logging project near West Yellowstone, and other plans to log public lands in Montana ignore the scientific fact that logging exposes soil to the... — Updated 9/1/2020


Letter to the Editor - Montana voters need help

Editor, It is a shame so many Montana voters do not understand how to vote. But, not to worry, in the recent election many public-spirited national corporations, foundations and political figures volunteered their time and money... — Updated 9/1/2020


Letter to the Editor - Shame on Trump for post office troubles

To the Editor, The U.S. Postal Service is in trouble now thanks to Trump’s misguided appointment of DeJoy as Postmaster General. The removal of the post boxes and mail sorting machines to influence the election is hurting... — Updated 8/31/2020


Letter to the editor - Festival Days Parade canceled, activities still planned

Festival Days is a time-honored tradition since 1980. The Havre Area Chamber of Commerce was excited to celebrate our 40th parade through beautiful Havre. However, we are sad to announce that the 2020 Havre Festival Days Parade... — Updated 8/28/2020


Letter to the Editor - United Way crab boil canceled, help still needed

Did you know that in one year, donations to United Way of Hill County touched more than 45,300 lives in our community? Thank you for your support and kindness, as we continue to live united together. United Way supports non-profit... — Updated 8/28/2020


Letter to the Editor - Walmart should enforce mask requirement

Dear editor:     During the first 20 minutes of our shopping at Havre’s Walmart on Aug. 16, I noticed six adults and two children (about eight years old) not wearing face masks.  I asked an assistant manager what could be... — Updated 8/24/2020


Letter to the Editor - Support Badger-Two Medicine act

Editor, I’ve never been to the Badger-Two Medicine, but I’ve been hearing a lot about it and I support protecting. Why do I support protecting it despite never having stepped foot there? I am a Montana native who was raised in... — Updated 8/20/2020


Letter to the Editor - We should expect more from our elected officials

Editor, Politicians are only as good as the words they speak. Hill County Commissioner Mark Peterson should take that to heart. Thursday, Peterson and fellow Commissioner Diane McLean voted to reject an all-mail ballot despite the... — Updated 8/19/2020


Letter to the Editor - McLean, Peterson should fix mistake and then resign

Dear Editor, I read with interest then dismay about Hill County commissioners voting against a mail-in ballot election. I was stunned that they would decide to risk the lives of the Hill County residents during this worldwide... — Updated 8/19/2020


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