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Letter to the Editor - The Golden Spike in a different light

Editor, Really? I found the article in the Havre Daily News to be disparaging concerning Tammy Walters. Tammy is far from a greedy uneducated businesswoman. During the complete shutdown she continued to pay her employees as if they... — Updated 1/15/2021


Letter to the Editor - A reply to Sen. Steve Daines

Senator Daines, I received your letter of Jan. 11. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comments regarding the attack on the Capitol, and your role in it. I would like to set the record straight on a few points in your... — Updated 1/15/2021


Letter to the Editor - Thank you on Community Christmas Dinner

Editor, Once again, thank you. The beginning of December people were asking me if the community was going to have a dinner this Christmas with the spike in COVID cases. After visiting with a secret Santa and some local... — Updated 1/13/2021


Letters to the Editor - We all should be involved in keeping Beaver Creek Park healthy

Editor, A few weeks ago, Lou Hagener submitted to the paper a letter to the editor about the policies of the Hill County Park Board and Beaver Creek Park. His letter, published in Havre Daily News Tuesday, Dec. 22, was full of... — Updated 1/13/2021


Letter to the Editor - Daines, Rosendale placed permanent stain on Montana

Editor, After enduring four years of a corrupt and immoral Trump Presidency with a similarly mostly corrupt cabinet and sycophant appointees, I had almost started to breathe a little grateful relief. That is until January 6th,... — Updated 1/11/2021


Letter to the Editor - Don't play Russian roulette with COVID-19

Editor, COVID-19 might be a hoax to some, but I have several reasons why I choose to treat it as a real threat to health, well-being and life. I plan and hope to complete at least one more marathon before I die. I also want to... — Updated 12/29/2020


Letter to the Editor - Follow the golden rule - mask up

Editor, I got my first car with seat belts when my child was 2. It took at least three stops on the 20 minutes to town to put him back in them. I realized how worth it this training was when I hit a patch of black ice and ended up... — Updated 12/28/2020


Letter to the Editor - Thanks for work with Toys for Tots

As 2020 comes to a close, I’d like to reflect on the generosity of the Havre community. This year was the third Toys for Tots Campaign for the Havre area. We served 80 children this year; a 10 percent increase from 2019. Given al... — Updated 12/24/2020


Letter to the Editor - Recycling still is happening

Editor, Recycling seems to be a never-ending roller coaster that we ride on. The commodity market downturn in recent years prompted changes in what we can recycle here. The endpoint recyclers sort of exist in limbo, in that sweet s... — Updated 12/21/2020


Letter to the Editor - Thanks to all in Super Certificate Giveaway

Editor, A heartfelt thank-you to all the businesses that donated to the Super Certificate Giveaway held Dec 5. Tire-Rama, Lewis Heating and A/C, Big Sky Images and Collectibles LLC, Cavaliers Clothing, Bing ‘N’ Bob’s,... — Updated 12/21/2020


Letter to the Editor - Leave it to the cowboys to show how the country can be

Editor, In a time when our country is more divided than ever, leave it up to the NFR to get it right. For the last 10 days on the Cowboy Channel and the RFD Channel, this country witnessed the most patriotic, God-loving,... — Updated 12/16/2020


Letter to the Editor - Spanish no stranger to Montana

Dear Editor, Both a former Hi-Liner having grown up in Saco and a professor of Spanish, I am moved to respond to a New York Times article, “Border Agency Settles with Americans Detained for Speaking Spanish,” Nov. 27, 2020... — Updated 12/9/2020


Letter to the Editor - Havre Public Schools Education Foundation thanks district for work on COVID

Dear Havre, public schools administration, teachers, staff, parents and students Happy holiday’s from the Havre Public Schools Education Foundation! We know 2020 has been a challenging year and we hope that your holiday season... — Updated 12/8/2020


Letter to the Editor - Havre Has It - Feed My Feep Soup Kichen

Editor, I started volunteering Thursdays in February 2020 and was amazed the service the Feed My Sheep Soup Kitchen provided to a lot of people. Then, in March, the pandemic hit, the dine-in quit, but people still needed a meal so... — Updated 12/8/2020


Letter to the Editor - World needs a People's Vaccine

Dear Editor: A safe, effective and accessible COVID-19 vaccine can help bring an end to today’s economic and health crisis — so our families are safe, so we can get back to work and live our lives again. But only if everyone... — Updated 12/4/2020


Letter to the editor - Keep documentation on charitable donations

Editor, As we approach the end of 2020 you may be thinking about donating to one of Montana’s charities. Your donation helps these organizations provide critical services and this year many need your help. In addition to helping... — Updated 12/3/2020


Letter to the editor - Time we will never get back at Northern Montana Care Center

Editor, We’ve seen letters from parents advocating the school district to go back to in-school learning. They’ve expressed how their kids are suffering from the lack of social contact with teachers and friends. These parents... — Updated 12/3/2020


Letter to the Editor - No constitutional right to cause harm

Editor, As a well-known constitutional conservative and private property rights proponent, some may be surprised to find that I take exception and disagree with the four obstructionist members of the Flathead County Health Board... — Updated 12/2/2020


Letter to the Editor - Thanks to Thanksgiving volunteers and stay safe

Editor, I would like to say a great big “Thank you” to all of the volunteers in the past who have helped people in Havre on Thanksgiving. This year, the dinner had to be canceled because of COVID. I’m pleased that the... — Updated 11/25/2020


Letter to the Editor - COVID wave demands new thinking

Editor, This year has been different in so many ways, however one way it will remain the same is that flu season is coming. Montana physicians and the Montana Medical Association see this flu season likely to place an... — Updated 11/24/2020


Letter to the Editor - This letter is directed to the Board of Trustees of Havre Public Schools.

My son and others need to get back to school. They have already lost more days than I would care to think about that can never be made up. I know my son will graduate just fine. In fact, my belief is that every student in the HPS... — Updated 11/23/2020


Letter to the Editor - We used to be better than this

Editor, There is an old cabinet in our shop building with the letters “VA DAY” on the front. It’s a reminder of a time when Americans came together and made personal sacrifices for their country. Many joined the military,... — Updated 11/20/2020


Letter to the Editor - Protecting the planet is everyone's job

Dear Editor,  There is no question that the health of humanity is inextricably tied to the health of nature. As explorers, we have witnessed the wonder of our world’s biodiversity firsthand. However, we have also seen the... — Updated 11/18/2020


Letter to the Editor - Thanks for plowing

Editor, Thank you, city plows for plowing my street … 10th Street West. Dona Woods Havre... — Updated 11/11/2020


Letter to the Editor - Hunter's orange and masks

Editor, Why is it that many of the same people who refuse to wear masks in relation to COVID-19 will wear the state-mandated amount of orange during hunting season? Does being forced to wear orange not “infringe” upon their... — Updated 10/26/2020


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