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Letter to the Editor - 'Epistemology'

Editor, Our problem is not too much fake news. Our problem is too many people believe it. Fortunately, there is an “antidope.” Epistemology — the theory of knowledge, or “how we know what we know.” Epistemology helps... — Updated 9/26/2023


Letter to the Editor - Local businesses are the best

Dear editor, Here is a perfect example of why I think shopping at our local Havre businesses is so important. Two weeks ago, I purchased a world globe at Ben Franklin Crafts for my grandson’s upcoming birthday. Today (Saturday),... — Updated 9/19/2023


Letter to the Editor - Government shutdown

Congress appears to be on track to trigger a government shutdown before year’s end as it has so far failed to pass legislation that would fund government operations for the coming year. This impasse is due to a group of... — Updated 9/12/2023


Letters to the Editor - When will I see tax relief?

Dear Gov. Greg(ory) Gianforte, I am age 79, close to 80, born in Montana. I voted for you, but I am an independent, mostly leaning highly towards Republicans. In 2019, I did vote for the Ravalli County, Corvallis School, tax levy... — Updated 9/12/2023


Letter to the Editor - Focus on PBMs, not negotiating drug prices

Dear editor, I’m not too thrilled about the recent announcement by the White House that they are moving forward on setting Medicare prices for 10 prescription drugs. This is an unapologetically partisan move by the Biden... — Updated 9/8/2023


Letter to the Editor - Look at the spirit of the insurrection clause

Dear Editor, Let’s talk about the “insurrection clause” of the Constitution. Lawyers and judges can argue “the letter of the law” until blue in the face as to whether this provision disqualifies Donald Trump from holding... — Updated 9/8/2023


Letter to the Editor - Why can't the tribe fix a water problem

Let’s start this severe case of disabled senior abuse and an EPA water violation by saying the Rocky Boy tribe has people who work for them, sub-contractors, who are merely laborers and do not have any carpentry skills. Mind you... — Updated 9/5/2023


Letter to the Editor - Montana deserves a new governor in 2024

Editor, Gov. Greg Gianforte is hiding massive property tax increases behind one-time rebates and, possibly illegally, blocking our state’s largest conservation funding bill. Montana property taxes increased by an average of 43%... — Updated 9/1/2023


Letter to the Editor - Thank you, water and wastewater treatment crews

Editor, Recently, my husband, I, and three of our adorable and totally well-behaved children were able to tour both the wastewater treatment plant and the water treatment plant here in Havre. Drew, Steven, Amanda, Trevor, and all... — Updated 8/29/2023


Letter to the Editor - What happened to Republican values?

Editor, OK, armed and ready, I sat down with a computer, a postcard and letter from Gov. Gianforte and two letters from his Revenue Department on how to get a property tax rebate. Logged on to website and bonk — What’s a... — Updated 8/29/2023


Letter to the Editor - Please slow down

Editor, We live in a unincorporated farm community. On a dirt road. It’s harvest. We understand very much. Feeding people has been a passion of mine for a while. We get it. However, we are concerned with the speed you go down... — Updated 8/18/2023


Letter to the Editor - Make sure IEPs are up-to-date

Editor, As the new school year approaches, families of children with special needs should review their child’s IEP to ensure it still meets their child’s needs. Changes in the household as well as typical summer “growth... — Updated 8/18/2023


Letter to the Editor - Big Pharma is hurting competitive markets, which hurts Montanans

Editor, With skyrocketing prescription drug prices, Montanans are left to choose between paying for their life-saving prescriptions or essentials like food or housing. It’s time for Congress to come together and crack down on... — Updated 8/18/2023


Letter to the Editor - NAMI Havre looking for donations for NAMI Walk

Editor, NAMI Havre is getting ready for the NAMI Walk Sept. 24, 2023, and we are looking for community businesses and community members who can help with donations. We will be accepting donations all the way through to Sept. 24,... — Updated 8/4/2023


Letter to the Editor - Our World

Editor, So, you are concerned about the climate crisis but are not sure what to do about it. Know that you are not alone. Also know that the climate movement needs you, it needs everyone, to do everything we can to address this... — Updated 7/21/2023


Letter to the Editor - Thanks to Havre Animal Shelter for help on Rocky Boy

Editor, I would like to thank the Havre  Animal Shelter for thier tremendous support and help in thier distributions on The Rocky Boy Reservation with animal supplies. As a disabled senior citizen and long-time activist I know... — Updated 7/14/2023


Letter to the Editor - Can't beat city on urban chickens

I guess the old adage is true: “You can’t fight city hall.” At least not in Havre. The council held an ordinance meeting on June 20th to discuss a backyard hens. Except they didn’t. They apparently just counted heads. One... — Updated 6/30/2023


Letter to the Editor - Kudos on Pepin Park senior barbecue

Editor, Kudos to Heather, Connie, Jeff and crew (including volunteers) and the North Central Senior Center who worked together to put on a wonderful picnic for the seniors of our local community on Friday, June 16, at Pepin Park.... — Updated 6/22/2023


Letter to the Editor - Youth climate lawsuit should bring awareness of problem

Editor, Montana’s 1972 constitution guarantees its citizens a right to “a clean and healthful environment in Montana for present and future generations.” The 2023 trial of Held V. State of Montana, a lawsuit brought by 16... — Updated 6/22/2023


Letter to the Editor - Young plaintiffs setting example in climate lawsuit

To the editor, The 16 young Montanans suing to protect their right to a clean and healthful environment might be the world’s last best chance to save the planet from the climate crisis. The Legislature and the executive branches... — Updated 6/20/2023


Letter to the Editor - Push Gianforte to accept federal food funds

Editor, In 2022, Gov. Greg Gianforte faced criticism for the delay in applying for Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) funding, which would have provided up to $10 million in food assistance to over 73,000 Montana... — Updated 6/16/2023


Letter to the Editor - I can't help but wonder …

Editor, It’s Memorial Day. I attended the always-moving ceremony at the courthouse and knew many of the living and recognized a lot of the names those who have passed this year. It always is my thought that no tribute ever is... — Updated 6/2/2023


Letter to the Editor - In the shadows of progress: Montana seniors and the landline shutdown

Editor, In Montana, telecom companies have been given the green light by the FCC (https://www.fcc.gov/document/fcc-grants-relief-outdated-burdensome-phone-industry-regulations) to discontinue their copper wire landline phone... — Updated 5/12/2023


Letter to the Editor - Fiscal responsibility shouldn't come at the expense of taxpayers

I applaud Rep. Matt Rosendale for being one of the strongest advocates for fiscal responsibility in D.C. As negotiations between the White House and Republicans have had little success, our congressman has continued to voice... — Updated 5/12/2023


Letter to the Editor - Representative Tuss' lack of communication

Editor, A little over three months ago, I had talked with Rep. Paul Tuss about informing constituents concerning what was happening in the Legislature. He thought that was a good idea either through the Havre Daily or Facebook.... — Updated 5/2/2023


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