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Loose dogs and litter: Sorry signs of springOur view


Loose dogs and litter: Sorry signs of spring

Our view

It's warming up, and more and more it's dog-walking weather. And with that activity, a problem in our town becomes apparent.

Some people allow their dogs to run loose.

"It's an ownership problem," says Havre animal control officer Gordon Inabnit.

Loose dogs are a nuisance to people who are following the law and walking their dogs on leashes. Loose dogs can attack other dogs or chase children. They also can be hit by cars.

And if they're picked up by animal control, there's a fine to pay before their owner can get them back. That fine grows if the dog doesn't have a city license or a rabies tag.

If they're not picked up, they could end up being euthanized. Animal control is legally required to hold a dog for only four days before it can be killed. The time can be longer, Inabnit said, depending on how full the shelter is and whether the dog's behavior makes it a candidate for adoption.

Some of the dogs running loose on any given day were inadvertently freed by a gate left unlatched. But, Inabnit said, "Most of the time there's an owner involved."

Do your dog and the rest of us a favor and keep him under your physical control when he's on the street. That means on a leash held securely by your hand. And please be sure to scoop up behind him.

Another sign of spring is all of the trash and debris that's come into view now that the snow has melted.

Let's all help clean up our city by working on the Havre PRIDE community cleanup on April 27 from 8:30 a.m. to noon. Call 265-4353 to sign up. Havre PRIDE also needs donations.


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