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Two records fall at 23rd annual Bullhook Bottoms Black Powder Club Spring Shoot


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Eighty-two shooters participated in the 23rd annual Bullhook Bottoms Black Powder Club Spring Shoot held Memorial Day weekend at Fort Assinniboine south of Havre.

Two new records were set at the spring shoot. Bradd Cobb of Great Falls set a new record in the 25-yard pistol with a 98xx target. Cobb held the old record with a 97xxx set in 1986. David Thompson of Havre shot an 84 in the 50-yard pistol match, also setting a new record. Thompson bettered his old record of 77 set at the 2000 shoot. Both pistol matches are 10-shot events with a maximum score of 100 points.

Thompson picked up the Pistol Aggregate with 178 points on two targets. He also claimed the Cartridge Aggregate trophy with 128 points on three targets.

Clyde Byerly of Great Falls won the Cross Stick Aggregate with 215x. The Primitive Aggregate went to Noel Duram of Cut Bank with 115 points. Duram edged out three-time winner Cameron Griggs of Missoula by three one-hundredths of a second in the timed event to claim the honors. The Long Range Cartridge Aggregate went to Griggs with a string of three hits.

A special honorary plaque was given to David Molitor of Havre for his dedication and support of the Bullhook Bottoms Black Powder Club for the many years he has been involved in the sport.

The event drew participants from all over Montana, North Dakota and Canada.

In addition to the shooting, family-oriented events were held for adults and children, including tomahawk and knife throwing, women's fry pan throw and the team pancake races.

The scores for the event are listed below with x's indicating bull's eyes:

25 yard offhand cartridge 1. David Thompson, Havre, 49; 2. Dick Hanson, Havre, 48xx; 3. Cameron Griggs, Missoula, 47xxx.

25 yard pistol 1. Bradd Cobb, Great Falls, 98xx; 2. Dick Hanson, Havre, 94x; 3. David Thompson, Havre, 94.

25 yard offhand 1. Clyde Byerly, Great Falls, 46; 2. Todd Owens, Havre, 45x; 3. Bradd Cobb, Great Falls, 45.

25 yard sub-junior X-sticks (12 years and under) 1. Daniel Hanson, Havre, 46; 2. Bud Owens, Havre, 36; 3. Hondo Owens, Havre, 32.

50 yard hunter 5 sit/5 ramrod 1. Clyde Byerly, Great Falls, 91; 2. Steve Losey, Dodson, 90x; 3. Noel Duran, Cut Bank, 88x.

50 yard women X-sticks 1. Bobbie Davis, Havre, 39; 2. Kathy Griggs, Missoula, 35; 3. Vanessa Griggs, Havre, 25.

50 yard Chad Doney Memorial junior X-sticks (12 to 18 years old) 1. Kevin Velk, Havre, 28; 2. Nick Owens, Havre, 24; 3. Nick Gondeiro, Highwood, 23.

50 yard offhand cartridge 1. Bradd Cobb, Great Falls, 44; 2. Dick Hansen, Havre, 44; 3. Clyde Byerly, Great Falls, 44.

50 yard X-sticks 1. Clyde Byerly, Great Falls, 48; 2. Levi Baney, Great Falls, 46x; 3. Cliff Plum, Havre, 46x.

50 yard offhand 1. David Thompson, Havre, 48; 2. Tom Anderson, Havre, 46xx; 3. Cliff Plum, Havre, 46x.

100 yard cartridge X-sticks 1. Don Wilckens, Great Falls, 39; 2. Clyde Byerly, Great Falls, 38 ; 3. Cameron Griggs, Missoula, 44.

Silhouette 50-100-150-200 yards 1. David Thompson, Havre, 11; 2. Kathy Griggs, Missoula, 9; 3. Cameron Griggs, Missoula, 9.

50 yard pistol 1. David Thompson, Havre, 84; 2. Dick Hanson, Havre, 77x; 3. Bradd Cobb, Great Falls, 77x.

50 yard X-sticks, Ed Phillips Memorial 1. Dwight Young, Conrad, 49x; 2. Jim Griggs, Havre, 49x; 3. Clyde Byerly, Great Falls, 48.

50 yard musket 1. Bradd Cobb, Great Falls, 42; 2. David Thompson, Havre, 41; 3. Daniel Hanson, Havre, 38.

100 yard X-sticks 1. Jim Griggs, Havre, 45; 2. Clyde Byerly, Great Falls, 41x; 3. Otto Rubick, Great Falls, 38.

100 yard offhand 1. Tom Brown, Havre, 40x; 2. Clyde Byerly, Great Falls, 41x; 3. David Thompson, Havre, 34.

Pistol aggregate David Thompson, Havre, 178.

Offhand aggregate Clyde Byerly, Great Falls, 126

Cross stick aggregate Clyde Byerly, Great Falls, 89x

Cartridge aggregate David Thompson, Havre, 128

Over all aggregate Clyde Byerly, Great Falls

Primitive aggregate 1. Noel Duram, Cut Bank, 115, time 6:14.57; 2. Cameron Griggs, Missoula, 115, time (6:14.85); 3. Don Gondeiro, Highwood, 105; 4. Otto Rubick, Great Falls, 100; 5. Cluff Plum, Havre, 80.

Long range cartridge 1. Cameron Griggs, Missoula, 3; 2. Andy Owens, Havre, 3; 3. Kathy Griggs, Missoula, 3; 4. Sandy Sutter, Havre, 3; 5. Jack Murray, Havre, 3; 6. Alan Dees, Havre, 2.

Hawk throw (adult) 1. Scott Owens, Havre; 2. Chuck Gehringer, Havre; 3. Jared Maddox, Chinook.

Hawk and knife throw (under 15) 1. Nick Owens, Havre; 2. Bud Owens, Havre; 3. Jack Lynch, Havre.

Frying pan throw (adults) 1. Kemi Velk, Havre, 52'; 2. Sharon Gehringer, Havre, 51'; 3. Christy Owens, Havre, 50'.

Frying pan throw (under 15) 1. Kristi Owens, Havre, 50'; 2. Julie Owens, Havre, 45'; 3. Kaci Owens, Havre, 37'.

Pancake race 1st heat: Cliff Plum and Christina Plum, Havre, 2:18 minutes; 2nd heat: Skip Owens and Bud Owens, Havre, 1:20 minutes.

Fun matches:

Crazy turkey X target Lauren Gobin, Havre.

Card shoot Noel Duran, Cut Bank.

Half target Skip Owens, Havre.

Poker shoot Lauren Gobin, Havre.

Paper silhouette team Cliff Plum, Havre; Skip Owens, Havre.

Gopher Kurt Askins, Great Falls.

100 yard OH cartridge Clyde Byerly, Great Falls, 43.

High card draw Cameron Griggs, Missoula.

Pie plate Frank Wilmont, Great Falls.


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