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Church releases survey


The results are in, and it appears that spirituality runs deep in Havre.

According to a survey done by the local Seventh-day Adventist Church, 98 percent of people who were asked said they believe there is a God.

The survey compiled the answers of 130 people. Beginning in February, five church members went door to door every Saturday afternoon asking questions about the respondents' religious and spiritual beliefs.

Pastor Jim Jenkins, leader of the surveying group, said he thinks a total of about 15 church members took part, and about 20 hours of church time was spent on the survey. Jenkins also thinks the results are accurate.

"What we have here is pretty close to what you would have for Havre as a whole," he said.

The church had two reasons for doing the survey, Jenkins said. One reason was very obvious.

"(We wanted) to really get an idea where the community was as far as their religious experience," he said.

The other was more for the benefit of those involved with the church. Jenkins said the survey allowed church members to talk to people in the community.

"It was a good way to get God out to the world around them," he said.

Of the 130 people surveyed, 127 said there is a God, and 85 percent, or 111 respondents, believe that there is life after death. More than 90 percent of those surveyed said they have a Bible in their home, and 84 percent said that they believe Jesus will come again.

The numbers fell when people were asked how well they know the bible and how often they go to church. Only 24 percent of those surveyed felt that they understand the Bible as well as they would like, and only 50 percent attend church each week.


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