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Bear Paws afford beautiful nooks and vistasHowdy Beaver


Bear Paws afford beautiful nooks and vistas

Howdy Beaver

Whether you are spending time like us, driving tourists through Glacier, or spending your time on good old Beaver Creek, this is the most beautiful year for at least three or four. So far even the open prairies of Montana are staying as green as the mountain valleys usually are. And the mountains are just as green and lush and full of flowers as they have ever been.

The water is still running very well, too. In upper Beaver Creek, folks who have been walking to Rainbow Falls remark that it has never run so much water as it is these days. And with every additional inch of moisture, the waterfall just keeps running even more.

So on a warm day, pack a lunch, a bottle of wine and head for Rainbow Falls and grotto for a great mountain experience. The grotto is full of ferns as well now and is as beautiful as any spot in the mountains.

To get to the waterfall, head through Beaver Creek Park to the adjacent Rocky Boy Recreation Area. Head to Miner's Gulch. Stop there and walk around the corner of the highway. On the west side of the highway you will see a fence with a gate in it. Go through the gate and head up the narrow path to the waterfall. You can easily hear the waterfall roaring from the highway.

Another walk near Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation line is seldom taken but is beautiful this time of year or in the fall when the aspen leaves change color. Head through Beaver Creek Park to the last coulee entering the Beaver Creek valley from the east before crossing the reservation line. That coulee is called Blackie Coulee. Carefully cross Beaver Creek with your auto, and go up a steep little hill. You are looking for a culvert where Blackie Creek crosses the tiny road you are driving. When you find it, park off the road and take the wide path up a hill to the south. The top of that hill provides a grand overlook, complete with rock monuments. The view up the Beaver Creek valley is unbelievable. The unusual monument is beautiful. For an even more incredible view, head up the ridge you find yourself on, to the Beaver Creek Park fence line. The view is even more beautiful there.

Next week, I'll write about some favorite drives this time of year.


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