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4-Hers win big at the fair


A total of 149 Hill County 4-H members received blue and red ribbons during Tuesday's project evaluations.

In addition, 55 grand champion rosettes and 59 reserve champion rosettes were awarded for project excellence.

Six Cloverbud members participated by bringing 27 exhibits.

A total of 1,396 entries are expected for the Great Northern Fair, which opens today at the Hill County Fairgrounds.


Dustin Gerky, one blue

J'nai Verploegen, three blue

Kevin Velk, one blue

Gray Chagnon, two blue

Amanda Verploegen, one red

Adam Morse, one blue, one red Derek Verploegen, one blue

Jocelyn Chagnon, two blue

Andee Peterson, two blue

Brett Renaker, one grand, one blue

Travis Velk, one blue

Otto Spinner, one grand, two blue

Ben Peterson, two blue

Jamee Vaughn, five blue, one red Jamie Verploegen, five blue

Tiffany Spinner, five blue

Casey Peterson, one blue

Kyle Renaker, one blue

Desiree Vaughn, eight blue, six red

Katon Gerky, one grand, one reserve, five blue, one red Lindsay Gerky two reserve, 16 blue, four red

Melissa Vaughn two grand, one blue

Laura McClenahan, one reserve, four blue, three red

Brett Michels, one grand, one blue

Madison Hanson, one participation

Avery Hanson, one reserve, five blue

Meredith Hanson, two blue

Ryan Chagnon, two blue

Jasmine Chagnon, one grand, one blue

Prairie Rattlers

Preston Verploegen, two blue, one red

Kallie Larson, one blue

Lisa Larson, one reserve, six blue, four red

Rick Verploegen, three blue

Niccole Dusek, one grand, two reserve, seven blue, one red

Tristan Verploegen, two grand, three blue

Tyler Dusek, one grand, one blue

Andrew Dusek, two grand, two reserve, 11 blue, one red

Alexis Verploegen, one grand, six blue, two red

Royce Verploegen, two grand, two reserve, 17 blue, two red

Jacob Verploegen, one blue

Daniel Hanson, five blue

Bullhook Buffalos

Julia Allison, four blue, two red

Savannah Faber, five blue

Jenna Baltrusch, one blue

Jesine Munson, four blue

Kyle Baltrusch, one grand, one reserve, four blue, two red

Cortlan Bickford, five blue, one red

Karlie Kafka, one reserve, four blue, one red

Layne Waid, five blue

Lynsey Waid, eight blue, one red

Meisha Faber, one reserve, 12 blue

Logan Grant, one blue

Kailee Bickford, one reserve, 11 blue, seven red

Franki Lappe, two blue

Jade Nystrom, two blue

Lara Pollington, seven blue

Tessa Nystrom, two blue

Amber Cox, four blue

Colter Bickford, one participation

Cali Freier, one grand, one blue

Mandi Nystrom, three grand, one reserve, one blue, one red

Anni Freier, one grand, one reserve, one blue

Emily Allison, four blue, two red

Kremlin Hawks

Kendra Donoven, eight blue, four red

Nolan Preeshl, one reserve, five blue

Zachary Rambo, one reserve, five blue, one red

Taylor Springer, three blue

Katelyn Springer, four participation

Branden Melby, one red

Richie Melby, one red

Casandra Springer, 11 blue, two red

Matthew Barkley, one reserve, two blue

Deven Donoven, one grand, one reserve, two blue

Laura Barkley, nine participation

Ruth Barkley, one grand, 16 blue

Darby Donoven, two blue

Cody Donoven, two blue

Mandy Rambo, one grand, four reserve, 31 blue, four red

Rebecca Barkley, one grand, two reserve, 17 blue, one red

Bear Paw Beavers

Kate Vosen, one grand, one reserve, 11 blue, two red

Alicia Lairy, four blue, three red

Colter Lairy, three blue

John McLean, four blue, one red

Jeffery Hedstrom, one grand, three blue

Christi Bradbury, three blue

Tim McLean, three blue, one red

Clint Bradbury, one grand, one reserve, five blue

Amanda Hedstrom, two grand, three reserve, 14 blue, six red

Cody McLean, four blue, one red

At Large

Craig Kallenberger, one blue

Northern Lights

Keyla Wendland, one blue

Sadie Patrick, two blue

Robin Patrick, six blue

Molly Jurenka, two grand, one reserve, eight blue

Kimberli Patrick, one grand, six blue

Vanessa Lipp, one grand, five blue

Justus Wendland, one blue

Kile Patrick, one blue

Jasmine Mikulecky, two grand, one reserve, eight blue

Morgan Anderson, one grand, two blue

Kelsey Anderson, two grand, three blue

Brittany Kemmer, two reserve, three blue

Chirping Meadowlark

Shay Richter, four blue

Chase Pimley, one blue

Jocelyn Woods, four participation

Lauren Woods, one reserve, nine blue, three red

Neal Duncan, two blue

Breana Wolery, two grand, two reserve, 17 blue

Laine Lybeck, one blue, one red

Reece Duncan, three reserve, 10 blue

Torrie Wolery, one grand, two reserve, 18 blue, one red

Caitlyn Owens, 12 blue, three red

Joshua Lybeck, five blue, one red

Brad Duncan, one grand, one reserve, nine blue

Sarah Combs, eight blue

Matthew Combs, two blue

Meghan Combs, four blue, one red

Kylie Richter, two reserve, three blue

Ethan Wolery, one reserve, 10 blue

Blue Horizon

Leslie Brodeur, two blue, one red

Tiana Waite, five blue

Dani Kane, three blue, three red

Jayme Seidel, two reserve, one blue

Nicole Brodeur, one grand, five blue

Richelle Molitor, one grand, four blue

Sadie Seidel, eight participation

Cassie Kane, one grand, one reserve, 16 blue, one red

Nikole Waite, nine blue


Ryan Shelstad, two red

Eric Urango, one red

Dan Marino, three blue

Levi Mork, one blue

Trevor Mork, two blue


Matthew Hartman, one blue, three red

Katie Hartman, five blue

Justin Trethewey, five blue, two red

Joseph Palmer, one blue

Jacob Palmer, one blue, one red

Tiffany Golden, one reserve, five blue, two red

Jared Palmer, one blue


Josi Herron, one grand, six blue

Kacy Herron, one grand, two blue

Haley McLain, eight blue, one red

Katie Toldness, three grand, one reserve, three blue, one red

Kelsey Malsam, one grand, two reserve, 10 blue, four red

Patricia Toldness, one grand, seven blue

Megan Toldness, one reserve, seven blue

Evan Vaughn, one grand, one reserve, three blue, two red

John Sienkowski, one blue, one red

Heather Sienkowski, three blue

Mara Malsam, one reserve, seven blue, four red


Kristina Russette, one blue

Amber Watson, one blue

Charnell Stump, one blue

Upton Whitford, one red

Kelly Littlegeorge, one blue

Whole Wheat Bread Award

Reece Duncan


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