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Hunting ethics are crucial


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Although hunting is not a team sport, sportsmanship and ethics are as important as they are in any sport. If hunters keep a few simple thoughts in mind, they can hunt safely and set a good example for any up and coming hunters. FWP asks hunters to:

Be aware of your surroundings and positive of targets before they pull the trigger. Watch for signs that others may be in the area throughout the day to avoid being surprised.

Know and obey all state laws and FWP regulations.

Use established camping areas when possible to prevent environmental damage and avoid camping too close to lakes, streams and trails.

Help keep lands looking as they did before you arrived, including removing meat racks used for suspending game and packing out trash and equipment.

Stay on designated roads and avoid tearing up muddy or thawed dirt roads.

Cover animal carcasses to show respect for the animal and for the meat as a food source.

Take the time to sight-in your rifle and know the capabilities of your firearms. The decision to take a marginal shot can lead to a wounded animal, which is wasteful and wrong.

Show respect for other hunters in the field and keep from infringing upon their hunting area.

If hunters venture into town, it is a good idea to dress appropriately.


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