Martz to show support for U.S. beef


HELENA (AP) - As part of an effort to promote U.S. beef as safe in the wake of the nation's first mad cow discovery, Gov. Judy Martz plans to attend Friday's cattle sale in Ramsay and dine on roast beef.

The appearance will cap American Beef Week, a proclamation by eight governors including Martz, to bolster support for American beef.

''The Martz family had beef each night during the holiday season and will continue to eat American beef long into the future,'' Martz said in a written statement today. ''I am proud to join ... other state governors to proclaim American Beef Week. We have to work to spread the message that our food supply has been safe, will remain safe, and is still the finest in the world.''

Martz is expected to dine on a roast beef sandwich during the noon break at the Montana Livestock Co. cattle sale in Ramsay.

The sale will be only the second at Ramsay since a Holstein in Washington state was found to have bovine spongiform encephalopathy in late December. It was the first confirmed case of mad cow in the United States, although officials earlier this week said DNA testing proves the cow was shipped to the United States from Canada.

The cow, which was slaughtered Dec. 9, came to the United States with 80 other cattle two years ago. The herd was dispersed because the previous owner could no longer operate his farm, officials have said.

Both countries have been trying to locate the remaining cattle. U.S. authorities so far have found 10 animals at two Washington farms that remained under quarantine.

Martz said her trip to the Ramsay sales yard is an effort to help boost confidence in the safety of American beef. Some 40 trading partners closed their borders to U.S. beef after the December mad cow announcement.


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