Blue Pony wrestlers dominate Dillon Duals with 6-0 record


The Havre High wrestling team brought home its second team championship of the season as the Ponies captured first-place honors at the annual Dillon Duals tournament in Dillon this weekend.

The seventh-ranked Blue Ponies went a perfect 6-0 in dual action over the course of the two-day tournament en route to capturing the team title.

Besides winning some hardware, the Ponies also may have served notice that they are the team to beat in the Central A conference in 2004. Havre captured wins over three Central A teams this weekend, including a win over sixth-ranked Anaconda on Saturday afternoon.

"I was real happy with how we performed this weekend," said HHS head coach Scott Filius. "The kids wrestled well from top to bottom, and we really didn't have a close dual.

"One of the other nice things we got out of this weekend is we found out where we are in the Central A division,'" Filius added. "We saw the teams we needed to see, and now we know what we have to do the next two weeks in order to get ready for divisionals and state."

Havre opened the tournament Friday afternoon with a resounding 55-15 win over the Belgrade Panthers. Billy Wagner, Beau LaSalle, Scott Sheppard, Michael Sutherland, Adam Burrington and Dallas Thompson all captured wins by pinfall and Alex Leyba, Cody Seely, Brett Michels, and Matt Schnittgen also picked up decisions in the dual.

HHS senior Jeff Hedges also moved up to 130 pounds to face defending Class A state champion Travis Kelly for the second time this season. And for the second time, Hedges dominated Kelly with a 17-10 decision.

In the second round of the tourney, Havre crushed Salmon, Idaho, 69-18 and got wins by pin from Clint Bradbury, Nate Harada, Logan Reichelt, Bill Zuelke, LaSalle, Sutherland and Schnittgen. Billy Wagner picked up a decision at 98 pounds for Havre.

The Ponies finished out the day by knocking off the Browning Indians to move into Saturday's championship pool.

Havre opened Saturday's action with a hard-fought 49-28 win over Class B Deer Lodge.

Jeff Hedges picked up a critical decision at 125 pounds with a 10-2 win over Sean Whitney. The Ponies earned a bulk of the points in the win over the Wardens with victories by pin from LaSalle, Sutherland, Thompson and Michels.

After the win over Deer Lodge, the Ponies downed Anaconda 54-24, winning eight out of their nine matches by pin.

Havre got the dual with the Copperheads off to a good start with Wagner, Bradbury, Harada and Hedges all picking up wins by fall. Havre also got pins from Sutherland, Michels, Bill Zuelke and Schnittgen. Dallas Thompson also continued to wrestle well, earning a 4-3 decision over Matt Bellon.

"The win over Anaconda was a nice win for us because they have some good kids and I thought they might be one of the teams we'll have to battle with at the divisional tournament," Filius said. "But we got a lot of wins by pin in all of the duals. That shows that our kids are really wrestling well right now."

In Saturday's championship match against Challis, Idaho, the Ponies once again made up for a tough stretch in the middle weights, where they lost five straight matches, by earning seven out of their eight wins by fall to grab a 57-24 win and the Dillon team title. The Ponies got wins by fall from Bradbury, Sheppard, Hedges, Michels, Thompson, Zuelke and Guy Seely. Beau LaSalle also earned a 15-10 decision over Clint Verbeck at 112 pounds.

"I thought Clint Bradbury had a great weekend," Filius said. "He moved up to 105 pounds and went 4-1. He had a great win against Challis and was just real strong all weekend.

"Nate Harada and Dallas Thompson also competed really well," Filius added. "We were able to get Nate into a couple of matches and he performed well. And Dallas didn't lose this weekend, and he is just starting to get back on the mat."

The 6-0 record this weekend upped the Ponies overall dual record to 14-3 on the season.

Havre will return to action on Friday when it travels to Miles City for the annual Cowboy Invitational.

Havre 55 def. Belgrade 15

98 - Billy Wagner (HAV) pinned Dylan Payne (BEL) 2:34; 105 - Joe Klemann (BEL) pinned Clint Bradbury (HAV) 2:49; 112 - Beau LaSalle (HAV) pinned Tyler Dejongh (BEL) :38; 119 - Scott Sheppard (HAV) pinned Jim Klemann (BEL) 1:15; 125 - Nate Harada (HAV) forfeit; 130 - Jeff Hedges (HAV) dec. Travis Kelly (BEL) 17-10; 135 - Michael Sutherland (HAV) pinned James Armstrong (BEL) :33; 140 - Adam Burrington (HAV) pinned Wes Sarrazin (BEL) 3:31; 145 - Alex Leyba (HAV) dec. Trey Lucas (BEL ) 9-6; 152 - Cody Seely (HAV) dec. Trevor Thomas (BEL) 10-9; 160 - Brett Michels (HAV) dec. Jorden Stanhope (BEL) 3-2; 171 - Jade Arcand (BEL) pinned Spencer Steinman (BEL) 1:44; 215 - Jake Kallestad (BEL) pinned Bill Zuelke (HAV) 1:24; 275 - Matt Schnittgen (HAV) dec. Nate Clark (BEL) 11-3.

Havre 69 def. Salmon 18

98 - Billy Wagner (HAV) dec. Tyson Olsen (Sal) 10-7; 105 - Clint Bradbury (HAV) pinned Tom Warhol (Sal) 1:00; 112 - Beau LaSalle (HAV) pinned Justin Olsen (Sal) 3:38; 119 - Nate Harada (HAV) pinned Brandon Chappell (Sal) 3:38; 125 - Scott Sheppard (HAV) forfeit; 130 - Logan Reichelt (HAV) pinned Tyler Felker (Sal) 2:27; 135 - Michael Sutherland (HAV) pinned Andrew Tolman (Sal) :57; 140 - Brian Keller (Sal) pinned Adam Burrington (HAV) 1:02; 145 - Tayler Philip Goodell (Sal) pinned Cody Seely (HAV) :37; 160 - Guy Seely (HAV) forfeit; 171 - Bret Michels (HAV) forfeit; 189 - Rick Houim (HAV) forfeit; 215 - Bill Zuelke (HAV) pinned James Shively (Sal) :26; 275 - Matt Schnittgen (HAV) pinned Zack Porter (Sal) 5:18

Havre 69 def. Browning 13

98 - Billy Wagner (HAV) forfeit; 105 - Clint Bradbury (HAV) forfeit; 112 - Beau LaSalle (HAV) forfeit; 119 - Scott Sheppard (HAV) forfeit; 125 - Nate Harada (HAV) pinned Nick Monroe (Bro) :37; 130 - Michael Sutherland (HAV) pinned Mike Rutherford (Bro) 3:43; 135 - Logan Reichelt (HAV) pinned Tuck Johnson (Bro) :54; 140 - Vern Wagner (Bro) dec. Adam Burrington (HAV) 17-6; 145 - Allen Mad Plume (Bro) dec. Alex Leyba (HAV) 10-4; 152 - Cody Seely (HAV) pinned Rodney Collins (Bro) 1:27; 160 - Bret Michels (HAV) forfeit; 171 - Mike Burns (Bro) pinned Guy Seely (HAV) 1:00; 189 - Dallas Thompson (HAV) forfeit; 215 - Bill Zuelke (HAV) dec. Anthony Boyce (Bro) 13-4; 275 - Matt Schnittgen (HAV) pinned Rem Boushie (Bro) 2:29

Havre 49 def. Deer Lodge 28

98 - Travis Thompson (DL) pinned Billy Wagner (HAV)1:19; 105 - Clint Bradbury (HAV) forfeit; 112 - Beau LaSalle (HAV) pinned Danny Lehner ( DL) 2:42; 119 - Nate Harada (HAV) forfeit; 125 - Jeff Hedges (HAV) dec. Sean Whitney (DL) 10-2; 130 - Michael Sutherland (HAV) pinned Bryan Brown (DL) :51; 135 - Martin Kiestad (DL) pinned Logan Reichelt (HAV) 1:52; 140 - Will Hampton (DL) dec. Adam Burrington (HAV) 9-2; 145 - Josh Cain (DL) dec. Alex Leyba (HAV) 8-4; 152 - Nick Luzzo (DL) pinned Cody Seely (HAV) 5:00; 160 - Bret Michels (HAV) pinned Eddie Willis (DL) 1:43; 171 - Jim Graveley (DL) dec. Guy Seely (HAV) 16-2; 189 - Dallas Thompson (HAV) dec. Cole Neubauer (DL) 8-3; 215 - Bill Zuelke (HAV) forfeit; 275 - Matt Schnittgen (HAV) forfeit

Havre 54 def. Anaconda 24

98 - Billy Wagner (HAV) pinned Keith Anderson (Ana) 1:17; 105 - Clint Bradbury (HAV) pinned Dustin Hanson (Ana) 5:58; 112 - Kevin Fischer (Ana) dec. Beau LaSalle (HAV) 5-4; 119 - Nate Harada (HAV) pinned Greg Smith (Ana) 2:13; 125 - Jeryd Richman (Ana) dec. Scott Sheppard (HAV) 6-2; 130 - Jeff Hedges (HAV) pinned TJ Ford (Ana) 1:29; 135 - Michael Sutherland (HAV) pinned Seth Blume (Ana) 1:01; 140 - Jason Andreoli (Ana) pinned Adam Burrington (HAV) 1:01; 145 - Chris Forsman (Ana) pinned Alex Leyba (HAV) 1:04; 152 - JD Caddell (Ana) pinned Cody Seely (HAV) 5:48; 160 - Bret Michels (HAV) pinned Pete Reisenauer (Ana) 1:41; 171 - Guy Seely (HAV) dec. Nathan Lubbes (Ana) 10-6; 189 - Dallas Thompson (HAV) dec. Matt Belion (Ana) 4-3; 215 - Bill Zuelke (HAV) pinned Ryan Eamon (Ana) 2:33; 275 - Matt Schnittgen (HAV) pinned Chris Latray (Ana) 5:18


Havre 57 def. Challis 24

98 - Billy Wagner (HAV) forfeit; 105 - Clint Bradbury (HAV) pinned Cody Ivie (Cha) 1:12; 112 - Beau LaSalle (HAV) dec. Clint Verbeck (Cha) 15-10; 119 - Scott Sheppard (HAV) pinned Adam Dize (Cha) 1:21; 125 - Jeff Hedges (HAV) pinned Jimmy Butts (Cha) 4:15; 130 - Jared Leuzinger (Cha) dec. Michael Sutherland (HAV) 10-3; 135 - George Butts (Cha) dec. Logan Reichelt (HAV) 11-4; 140 - Drew Latimer (Cha) pinned Adam Burrington (HAV) :31; 145 - Michael Gilliam (Cha) pinned Alex Leyba (HAV) :47; 152 - Andrew Cutler (Cha) pinned Cody Seely (HAV) 1:04; 160 - Guy Seely (HAV) pinned Ricky Foster (Cha) :46; 171 - Bret Michels (HAV) pinned Kyle Arneson (Cha) :32; 189 - Dallas Thompson (HAV) pinned JT Sullivan (Cha) 3:01; 215 - Bill Zuelke (HAV) pinned Mike Pierson (Cha) 1:03; 275 - Matt Schnittgen (HAV) forfeit


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