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Pony track teams in Lewistown

For the second consecutive week, the Havre High track team will take to the road for a time trial. The Ponies will travel to Lewistown this weekend for the Fergus High Time Trials.

The Ponies are coming off a solid opening week of the season in which they traveled to Cut Bank last Saturday for a time trial. Several Havre athletes also competed very well in Wednesday's KG/Cal Wearley Memorial Invitational in Havre.

While the Ponies are still trying to find their way a little early in this young track season, co-head coach Mark West is excited about how some of his young kids are performing right now.

"We had some young kids do really well in the KG meet on Wednesday, and they are getting better with every practice," West said. "Tyson Parman, Nate Harada, Patch Wirtzberger and Darci Briere were some of the kids who did really well on Wednesday. They are looking pretty good right now."

As for this Saturday, West said that he will use this meet to continue the evaluation process of his team, and he is hoping to see more improvement in the second week of the season.

"This is another really good opportunity for all of our kids to get out there and get some competition in," West said. "As coaches, we just want to see the kids get better every time we go out, and hopefully, if the weather cooperates this weekend, we can do that."

Saturday's time trial will feature around 10 teams, including the Ponies and the host Eagles. Livingston will be the only other Class A team in attendance. The meet will also feature Class B schools such as Shepherd and Fairfield as well as the entire District 7C.

"This isn't a very big meet, but there should be some pretty good competition there," West said. "One thing we will do is enter more kids in different events than we did last weekend.

"Hopefully, this will be another opportunity for some of our young kids to go out and show us what they can do and for our older kids to just keep working on getting back into form."

The time trial will get underway at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday at the Fergus High track complex.


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