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Program to recycle pesticide containers in place


Alice Campbell Havre Daily News [email protected]

Recycle Hi-Line discussed and took action on several items during Tuesday evening's meeting. Posters were given out to hang around town with information concerning what to do in order to recycle pesticide containers. Triple-rinsed pesticide containers with the label booklets and lids removed should be taken to Helena Chemical, 27 16th St., Havre. For more information, contact Dusti Johnson at (406) 841-5253 or Clay Vincent at 265-5481. Options are being explored for the construction of a recycling facility complete with collection bins, a forklift and baler. A request for two cost estimates, construction schedule and basic design sketch has been submitted to a contractor and two engineering firms. The feedback should help give a better idea of how expensive the facility is going to be and how much it will cost to pull the whole thing together, Recycle Hi-Line Chairwoman Candi Zion said. Grants also are being pursued to help pay for the cost of the new facility planned at the site of the new landfill. Group member Tom Tucker reportedThat he has given more presentations on recycling to area groups after his initial one to Hill County department heads earlier this year. He also has received a request to give a presentation this fall at Havre Middle School, he said. “The interest is there,” he said. Now it's just a matter of getting the information out there, he added. Zion told group members that she has requested eight bins with small lid openings from Wal-Mart for the disposal of aluminum cans during the Fourth of July celebration at Pepin Park and the Great Northern Fair. She is still waiting to receive final word on whether the bins will be made available. Reusable bags are still being sold, Tucker said. Stacey Dolezal suggested the bags be sold from a table during S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. Market. The group voted unanimously to do so. Bio-degradable cutlery and dishes also are being sold. The products, alternatives to plastic place settings, decompose in a matter of months. For more information, call Tom Tucker at 265-3699. Group members approved the appointment of Charles Gallus as Archivist. His duties include collecting and organizing print media of the group's activities as well as things pertaining to the group. Recycle Hi-Line meets again Tuesday, July 21, at 7 p.m. in the Havre-Hill County Library.


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