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USBC making changes to its awards system


September 30, 2009

Marlene Pizzini For the Havre Daily News [email protected]

Jackpot bowling will begin Oct 3rd. The fun night is held every Saturday at 8:00 through the bowling season. I told you last week that USBC has revamped their awards, cutting out some and making it more difficult for members to earn what is left. USBC has decided it would be fi- nancially irresponsible to continue to offer awards in nearly 30 categories of bowling. They feel this may have created the impression they are an awards organization. The golf and tennis associations do not offer members awards for achievements. (Stupid me, I didn't know I would have to join the golf and tennis associations to be a local member.) USBC states that dispite offering 15 more awards during 2008-09 than 30 years ago, membership has declined. I feel this has nothing to do with the awards. The 40 years I have bowled I have earned many awards. The two that I am the most proud of are a patch for picking the Big 4 and my 600 membership (of which I was required to pay for at that time). I earned a Dutch 200, Triplicate, a 100 over average game, and many all-spares. (Once upon a time I could bowl.) Now you will get nothing for any of them except a 600, if your average is not too high. They have also axed the 7-10 split. I wish someone could convince me these are easy things to earn and do not deserve recognition. Be assured, if you do any of these I will make a big fuss over you. If and it is a big if, you qualify to earn an award I shall now present you with a six inch magnet in the shape of a bowling pin. This you can take to work and plop on your work station for all to admire. I suggest you visit BOWL.com to see your dues at work and check for yourself the "many other great benefits your USBC membership includes" such as: " magazines with useful tips, terrific af- finity programs (T-Mobile, Perkspot, Nationwide, Wyndham Hotels, Coldwell Banker and several new ones coming soon) through the Member Rewards program on BOWL.com, and BOWL. Com (The number one Web site for bowling)". You have probably guessed, I do not agree with what is happening. The looks on new bowlers' faces when they earned their first award has been unforgetable for me. They have asked me "What can I work for next, what do I have to do to get another one?" Older members have always had the option to turn down taking another award, I have. To take something you do not want is wrong, to take away something that is right is wrong - so what is wrong, what is right? Is USBC getting away from the ordinary person like you and me and turning into more of a big business? Bet I hear from them this time. Due to unforseen circumstances we were forced to cancel the meeting for the Youth. We will be setting another time very shortly and Chris is looking at Oct. 18 or 25 as a starting date. If you have any questions before that time feel free to call me at 265-4664. I will try to help as much as possible since Chris has taken on more responsibilites and is harder to reach. I will pass on any questions to her that I cannot answer. Pam Boucher has a birthday on Sunday. Terry Lilletvedt picked a 5-6; Ruby Worstell and Rhonda Gregoire 5-10s; Dianne Watson 6-8-10; and this one a 5-7 and a 6-7. Laine Fitzpatrick shot a 205, 531 and Diane Hamilton had a 209. Lorin Teske would like everyone to know that after three weeks of bowling Kathye Etchison got her first spare. Jason McDonald hit a 243 and Ron Turner had a couple of 600s, a 617 and 640. Ron also had the high four game series of 804. Dave Wolf shot a 638 and Mike Hamilton had a 4-game 790.


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