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Holden's Scotch Doubles a success yet again


Hi-Line Lanes is still offering their "Family Bowling Package". A family of four can bowl three lines each, rent shoes, enjoy four medium sodas, and four hot dogs or one pizza for $40. Have your ticket punched nine times and your tenth visit is free. The Budweiser Hdcp. Tourney is still being held and will end the weekend of Feb. 20-21. There is a team event for $75 (five man teams) and a six line singles for $25. Further information may be obtained from the flyers at Hi-Line Lanes and reservations may be made by calling toll free 877-538-3473. The unofficial results from Holden's Scotch Doubles are as follows: Bantams: Tony Antley and Ron Turner 816; Max and Larry Olson 814; Leyton Shennum and Chris Drew 802. Prep: Jaycelynn Hassa and Jean Grandberg 1,211; Addison and Kate Kinsella 1,169; Keiton Kirkegard and Christy Holden 1,103. Juniors: Alec and Chris Drew 1,145; Jacob Holden and Renessa Briere 1,134; Ryne Antley and Kyle Surber 1,019. Majors: Lance Seely and Tammy Pozega 1,174; Ramsey and Allan Drew 1,056; Savannah Rudio and Donna Tilleman 1,053. A huge thank you goes out to Christy and Shawn Holden for once again hosting the tournament for the kids. Thanks also goes to Chris Drew and everyone else who helped and made sure the kids had someome to bowl with. Bantam highs for 1-17 were: Caleb Allestad 92, 85, 177; Tony Antley 78, 137 series.; Jarrel Beauchaine 117 series.; Tabbitha Davey 102, 71, 173; Kaylee Ellingson 74, 110 series; Janae West 109 series. Bad News Bowlers are leading The Strikers and Fireballs by 1/2 game. Flamin Fireballs sits in fourth over The Ditsy's by 1/2 game who lead Rockstars by 1/2 game followed by: Extreme Team, Crazy 8's, Lady Tigers, and Bowling Broncos. Brock Morkrid had games of 162 and 138 and a series of 433 on the Junior/ Majors. Ramsey Drew shot a 141, 365 and Ryne Antley a 368. Aitana Moore threw a 157, 341; Savannah Rudio 135, 119, 358; and Aja Drew a 331. The Alleycats sit in the number one spot by two games over Big Bl who are ahead of That One Team by one game who leads The Chick Magnets by two games followed by Stud Muffins and Awesome 0 3000. Jacey McDonald had a 127, 121, 112, 350; Jaycelyn Hassa 308; and Shayn Crownder a 239 on the Preps. Dane Rowlatt scored a 125, 118, 114, 357; Aaron Erickson 308; and Zach Barnes a 273. The Lucky Strikers are leading Team 5 by two games followed by 2 Gals and a Guy, The Knuckleheads, Super Sliders, The Chosen Ones. Becky Wimmer has a birthday Thursday. The only split pickers were Dianne Watson converting a 4-5 and Andy Owens a 4-7-10. Lainie Fitzpatrick had the high series of 550. No on reached the 200 mark. Norma Mariani had a 511; Jackie Mayer 549; Lisa Morrell 531; and Terry Wright 520. Roy Hamilton put games of 223, 267, and 213 together for a 703. Ryan Mapes had the high game of 276 in his 692. Shawn Mariani hit a 245, 652; Kelly Olson 255, 648, 619; Dave Wolf 244, 615; and Kyle Surber 246, 600. The following were "6" shooters: Mike Hamilton 621; Dave Briere 613; Ron Turner 624; Bret Preeshl 616; and Chris Pappas 617. An 890 by Roy Hamilton was the high four game series. Kelly Olson had an 806; Mike Hamilton 844; Ken Riska 794; and Ron Turner 790.


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