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By Tristan 

Marijuana helps to relieve pain


January 5, 2010

Well let's see, smoking medical marijuana will cause you to sleep on doorsteps and become a beggar for buds? I myself have seen that instance, but it was alcohol or money for alcohol they were begging for. The right to live pain-free without the worry of persecution for using a God-given plant has finally come to the people who need this the most. Pain-killing pills will eat the lining of your stomach and cause ulcers and other problems, so let's outlaw any use of these and make the patient just suffer? It's time for the redneck society to rethink this issue. Doctors up here don't care about your suffering. They tell you it's in your head and give me your $100 office visit money so we can pay our green fees. My hat is off to the people brave enough to repeal this prohibition and end the needless suffering of law-abiding, taxpaying Americans only looking for relief of chronic pain when nothing else seems to work. I too am a card-carrying member of the MCN and suffer from chronic pain that's not in my head, Doc. God gave man marijuana. Man gave man drugs. Who are you going to trust? I'll go with the Creator, thank you! Randi Dibblee Havre


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