No bailouts â follow the Constitution


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Our government is taking over: 1. Banks — bailouts 2. Companies — car manufacturing 3. Health care — doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals. This is just a start and all of these are unconstitutional. We are on the way to socialism by the radicals in control of our government! How about reading the Constitution? We need to follow it, not change it! Jo Jones Havre P.S. The above is fact and all true. Of course, if you watch ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC or CNN, you never hear about these things and, of course, it's not in any newspapers. Really strange, don't you think? Finally CBS ("60 Minutes") heard about a story Fox News did six months ago. In California the government turned off water to fields to save 2-inch smelt. The farmers have lost 400 jobs and cannot plant food. Some are starving. Can you believe this? Why doesn't the Havre Daily News report, or doesn't anyone watch Fox TV Channel 51? Another editorial, maybe.


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