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Fourteen employees in the governor's budget office recently received pay raises, even as most state employees are in the midst of a two-year pay freeze. The budget director said he isn't filling a job. He reassigned that person's duties, and the move will save the state $45,000. "I have reorganized the entire office," Budget Director David Ewer said Tuesday. "People are being paid to do more." The raises, ranging from 2 percent to 19 percent, took effect Nov. 2. The Montana Public Employees Association and other unions representing state workers agreed to the Schweitzer administration's request for a pay freeze due to the lagging economy. The 2009 Legislature approved the pay freezes. Ewer said the pay increases followed promotions and reassignments of his staff after one of two assistant budget directors resigned to become the state's chief legislative fiscal analyst. Ewer decided not to replace Amy Carlson, who made $92,701. Instead, he assigned more responsibilities to nearly all employees. The other assistant budget director, Amy Sassano, was promoted to deputy budget director and was given a 5 percent raise to $95,083. Ewer did not receive a raise in his $99,998 salary. The largest raises went to two assoCiate budget analysts. Ryan Evans was promoted to finance manager while Shawn Graham was promoted to information services manager. Both saw their annual salary increase from $53,000 to $63,000. The other raises ranged from 2 percent to 6 percent. MPEA Executive Director Quinton Nyman said he understands how people get raises despite the pay freeze.


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