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Dahl beats out Lorang, Randolph


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Incumbent attorney Gina Dahl was victorious in the Democratic primary in her bid to retain her seat for the next four years.

Dahl defeated her deputy county attorney, Lindsay Lorang, and private attorney Randy Randolph with 1,094, to 962 and 447 votes, respectively in the unnofficial vote count.

With no other-party candidates in the race, Dahl's primary win gave her the overall victory in the race.

Dahl, who left shortly af ter the resul t s were announced Tuesday night, could not immediately be reached for comment.

"Wel l , of course the results are disappointing, but I want to thank everyone for their support, and I am looking forward to getting back to business as usual at the office," Lorang wrote in an e-mail.

Randolph, who was interviewed by telephone in Las Vegas this morning, said he was not unhappy with the returns.

"I feel fine," Randolph said, adding that he plans to continue his private practice and knows that Dahl will do a good job.

He said he wishes more voters had turned out.

"But otherwise I'm happy," he said.

The initial results started with Lorang taking the lead, when she won the first precinct count. In Precinct 13, Highland Park, Lorang won 43-41, with Randolph taking 12 votes.

Dahl then moved into a solid lead, winning the next precinct counted, Precinct 9 at south Havre, 127-61, and finishing with a total lead of 233 to Lorang's 162 after three precincts. At that point Randolph had 67 votes.

While the winners precinct-by-precinct went back and forth, Lorang never was able to make up the difference, and Dahl retained her lead throughout the night.

Lorang defeated Dahl and Randolph in Precinct 3, Havre Middle School, with a tally of 66, 63 and 24 votes respectively; Precinct 15, Assinniboine, with 87, 67 and 21 votes; Precinct 20, Kremlin-Gildford, with 55, 50 and 13 votes; And Precinct 21, Hingham, with 26, 15 and 6 votes.

Randolph carried Precinct 18, Box Elder, with 18 votes to Lorang's 15 and Dahl's 13; and Precinct 25, Rocky Boy, with 80 votes to Lorang's 17 and Dahl's 7.

Havre Daily News reporter Alice Campbell contributed to this story.


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