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By Tristan 

Thanks to Havre


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Damn woman. My life was good here in Havre. I was able to enjoy and experience the hunting, fishing, people, and a wonderful occupation as a veterinarian. I was going to die here in Montana if I had a choice. If someone would've told me I was going to leave Montana for 15 years, I would've promptly responded "you're crazy!" With that said, life can throw interesting curves your way. I am leaving Havre for the love of a damn woman. So before I leave, there are a few things I need to share. First, as a veterinarian, I love working on animals, but I must say I also enjoy being around the people who own these animals. From the ranchers down on the Lone Tree bench up to those at the Canadian line. All the lunches, visiting and "refreshments" will not be forgotten. All the directions that sometimes included turning left at a crossroads past a barn that used to be there 35-40 years ago, or being told "it's just gumbo, you'll make it fine." I cannot begin to thank the ranching community enough for giving me the opportunity to work for them. It has indeed been a great pleasure. Second, to the people of Havre who own cats, dogs, rats, hamsters, chameleons, falcons, goats, sheep, horses, burros and mice. Thank you so much for all the questions that I could not even come close to answering right away. For example, "Can antelope breed goats, because we have a nanny out here with a huge belly, and there are no billys around, only antelope." With obvious confusion I replied, "What? How could this be? They did not cover this in reproduction class, ma'am. Can I call you back later?" Third, I want to thank Bear Paw Veterinary Service for hiring me right out of veterinary school. What a great place to start out. My beginnings were quite stressful and without the help of the McCanns, Dr.O'Leary, Dmack, JW, the Pegs up front, Sharon, Lita(big Elvis fan), Big Jim, Heather and JV, my struggles would have been much greater. Thank you for the mock emergency of a dying cat (aka, big hair mat) that attacked me, after which I had to go change my underwear. Thank you Dr. O'Leary and staff for the flowers from a certain MAN. Yes Havre, I am heterosexual. Thank you Maryann, Meg and Murphy's for keeping me fed and hydrated. Paul, I can't begin to thank you enough for all the help, support, counsel, cribbage, refreshments and mentorship (just read up on the surgery procedure, and you'll do fine). Thank you for everything. Chris M. Gebhardt DVM BearPaw Veterinary Service


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