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By Tristan 

Suffering is relieved by med marijuana


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I am a medical marijuana patient with Crohn's disease living here in Havre. I am a hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizen, protected under the Constitution. Recently the medical marijuana issue has gotten out of hand. The only reason given for "allowing" medical marijuana here has been how much money can be made off of it. While it is true that it would be a good boost to our economy, the real reason is quite simple — our right to medical treatment. The reason for having medical marijuana is so that those suffering and in pain may find some relief. For people such as me, there are no other alternatives. I am in pain every day, and marijuana is the only thing that brings me some relief. No one is claiming marijuana is a "miracle cure" for every disease. However, it cannot be denied that marijuana does alleviate the symptoms of many diseases. So I pose this question to the community: Will you allow us our right to medical treatment, or will you contrive to throw people in jail for trying to ease their suffering? Kevin Dumas Havre


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