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Two weeks left in No-Tap Mixed Doubles tourney


"Don't let your team find a sub for you too often or you may discover you're not even missed." There are two weekends left in the No-Tap Mixed Doubles. Ivol Jackson and Arlene Ball of Harlem are in first right now followed by Chris Drew and Roman Surber. The cost to bowl is $25 per couple; handicap is percent of 200; and your Jan. 1 average is used. There are a lot of one time extra prizes; all 300 games earn $5; and a 292 will receive $500 cash. Shift times are 1 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday and you can bowl anytime there are available lanes. Call 265-5885 to make reservations or sign up at the desk. There will be no Jackpot bowling the month of January. Holden's Scotch Doubles is scheduled for the weekend of Jan. 30-31. More information will be here as the tourney gets closer. Tabbitha Davey shot a 124 and 195 series; Madison Shennum a 76 and 140; Jessica Majerius a 73gm; and Angela Rhines a 123 series. For the girls' highs on the Bantams. Leyton Shennum had a 100, 181; Caleb Allestad 96, 184; Casey Mariani a 96 game; and Tony Antley a 174 series. On the boys' side. The Fireballs lead the league followed by; Tie: The Strikers and Bad News Bowlers, The Ditsy's, Flamin Fireballs and Rockstars, Crazy 8's and Extreme Team, Lady Tigers, and Bowling Broncos. Prep highs were: Kendall Holden 121, 293; Dane Rowlatt 101, 302; Aaron Erickson 112; and Daneil Johnson 288. Jacey McDonald had a 112, 282; Jaycelyn Hassa 103, 282; and Shayn Crowder 98 and 242. The Lucky Strikers are first followed by: Team 5, The Knuckleheads, The Chosen Ones, 2 Gals and a Guy, and Super Sliders. Spencer Morkrid had the high series of 478 with a 173 game on the Junior/ Majors. Patrick Ahern had the high game of 178 with his 425 and Ramsey Drew had a 170 and 423. Aja Drew scored a 131, 99, 301; Aitana Moore 100, 270; and Teron Williams a 237. Big Bl leads the league by one game over The Chick Magnets, Stud Muffins, and Alleycats who are leading That One Team by one game, Awesome 0 3,000 follows. Happy birthday Ryan Mapes and Jamie Berreth. Dana Seidel gains one Monday. Malissa Fitzpatrick picked a 5-7; Dee Bitz 5-10; Christy Holden 6-7; Brian Moore 3-10; and Josh Johnson a 5-8-10. Just about the time I think everything is under control someone comes along and bursts my bubble to remind me I' not perfect. I have been known to miss scores but when they are on a league I work, it's really bad. Lois Leeds bowled a 209 and 493 on 12-22-09 and I missed it. Sorry Lois. Barb DeRosa had a 224 and Dana Seidel a 564 with a 204 for the highs. Christy Holden hit a 221, 534; Jackie Mayer 516; Cindy Turner 205; and Susie Friede 518, 209, 533. Ron Turner's 254 and a 669 from Roman Surber were the mens' highs. Mike Hamilton shot a 253, 637; Roy Hamilton 630, 233; Mike Sherrill 230; Matt Kretchmer 236; Kyle Surber 235, 603; Jim Keeler 238, 620; Cody Thompson 253, 540; Eric Bartow 616; and Jason McDonald 616. An 807 by Ron Turner was the high four game. Brian Anderson had a 783 and Ken Riska 763.


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