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Warburton doesn't support Northern


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Despite her claims in the Havre Daily News and at recent political meetings, Wendy Warburton was not a s u p p o r t e r o f Mo n t a n a S t a t e University-Northern during her term in the Legislature. In fact, she was one of the few legislators who voted against the appropriations bill for Northern.

Had a majority voted with her, Northern might well be closing its doors as we speak. Despite MSU-N's excellent educational record and its appeal for Montana s tudent s, Warburton has voted with those who would close its doors or drastically reduce its staff and its offerings.

Northern is an integral part of the north-central Montana community.

Every student and employee at Northern brings several thousand dollars to Havre businesses. In what sense can someone represent the community who would shut off or greatly reduce this economic asset?

In addition to voting against the state budget, which sets appropriations for Northern, Warburton voted against funding programs that include Northern's bio-diesel program, whose graduates have unlimited opportunities for employment, but the program must continue to expand to meet current changes in diesel technology.

Warburton also voted against the industrial park and registered nursing programs at Northern. By way of contrast, her opponent, Dana Sapp Seidel, is a graduate of Northern's registered nursing program and serves the local Havre/Hill County community in that capacity.

Unlike students who are placebound or not wealthy enough to travel to distant campuses, Warburton went to Lynchberg, Va., to attend Jerry Falwell's private Liberty University.

Its website says Liberty's personnel have "a born-again relationship with" and "classes that expand their understanding ... of evangelical Christianity," producing "leaders with values."

All very well, but I wonder where Warburton learned the leadership value of deception. She appears to be one of those who, in my days of Army service, were said "to talk the talk but not walk the walk." Too bad for her and for those she claims to represent.

William Thackeray Havre


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