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By Tristan 

For our children, demand that taxes be reduced


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The latest reporting on our county's tax structure and who is actually paying those taxes is quite enlightening. Forty-eight percent of the residents in this county do not pay taxes, and as this report goes on to state, the remaining percentages pay for the other half. The other truth I haven't seen published is that of the remaining taxpayers, maybe 25 percent of those are government employees. The remaining percentage are the real taxpayers. Therefore it is very obvious to me: if you are a non-government employee and/or employer, it is you whom this remaining burden of support falls upon. It must then be this minority of taxpayers funding the entire country, including all the entitlement programs now in place. My concern is all those who provide no support to their own welfare are given the opportunity to vote into office those who make assurances that these program continue because it's their right or as elected officials state quite often "it's the right thing to do." I have heard many say that paying taxes is a right; therefore, we should all pay our fair share. The current fiscal irresponsibility in D.C. and those responsible, Republican or Democrat, matters not. Therefore, as result, it is becoming apparent these taxes are going to rise on everything. So, if taxes are to be raised, we must demand that for every dollar of taxes raised two shall be eliminated from spending to reduce the national debt in order that we may, as a nation, remain free. This movement will demand courage from all, but we must offer our children and grandchildren be given the same opportunities we have enjoyed in our life time, a chance to grow, make a better world and above all, remain free. Terry Schend Havre


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