Mixed City Tournament coming to Havre in March


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A Mixed City Tourney is on tap for the weekend's of March 6-7 and 13-14. The cost is $15 per person per event for team, singles, and doubles. Teams can consist of any combination of men and women, two and two or three and one. Doubles must be a man and woman. Shifts will start at 12 p.m. Saturdays and 1 p.m. Sundays. There is a sign-up sheet at the desk and more information is available at the lanes. Jackpot bowling is being held every Saturday night at 8 p.m. Reservations may be made by calling Hi-Line Lanes at 265-5885. Men's City concluded Sunday with the following unofficial results. Team: 1st Randolph Law Firm 3,143, members are James Wold 551, Larry Schmidt 498, Todd Schmidt 489, Randy Randolph 541, Jason McDonald 506. 2nd Red Necks 3,099, members are Kevin Dumas, Josh Kaupang, Cody Thompson, and Roman and Kyle Surber. 3rd Bill Henry Const. 2993. Doubles: 1st Kelly Olson 645 and Brian Anderson 622 for 1,384. 2nd Josh Kaupang 482 and Ron Turner 592 for 1,314. 3rd Josh Kaupang 434 and Roman Surber 543 for 1,265. Singles: Roman Surber (606) 693; Frank Peterson (549) 660; Kirk Hannah (474) 648. Brian Anderson placed first in the All Events with 2014 and Josh Kaupang followed with 1936. Kelly Olson and Kyle Surber had 247 games. Kyle hit a 643 and Kelly had a 244, 645. Roman Surber and Roy Hamilton had 234 series, Ron Turner a 241, and Shawn Mariani picked the 4-6-7-9-10 (Greek church). Ginger Zanto and Krissa Kirby have birthdays Thursday! Dora Wirtzberger adds one Monday. Michele Denny and Josh Johnson picked 5-10s; Susie Friede 5-7; Joe Holt 6-7; Dave Miller 5-10 twice; Marla Boyce 2-7-10; Minnow Mariani 4-6; Russ Boucher 3-4-6-7; and DeeAnn Brese 6-7-10. Christy Holden's 544 with a 200 was high as was a 203 by Lainie Fitzpatrick. Christy also had a 520; Dana Seidel 530, and Lisa Morrell a 519. Lorin Teske had the high game of 247 and Ken Riska the series of 629 with a 231. Kelly Olson hit a 233, 603, and Dave Miller a 236. Ken Riska had an 846 for the high four game series. It was a pretty brutal week for all. After looking at all the scores I am proud of all of you for surviving the conditions.

RUDYARD: Once again it was Gordon Standiford with the hot hand, hitting the high game of 258 in his 590 series. Pat Newton had the high series of 600 which included a 236 game. Shirley Kline had the ladies' high game of 192 and Linda Foster the series of 536 with a 189. Monty Groth shot a 593 and the high four game series of 783; Todd Langel 591; Chris Pappas 570; Terry Hybner and Dave Miller 553s; and Greg Spinler a 558. Dave Jones picked a 3-7; Linda and Pat Foster and Marjie Spinler 3-102; Joel Fladstol 2-5-7; and Rose Ish 2-7-8. Barb Snyder converted the 1-5-7 washout.


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