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Take responsibility for totalling car


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To the person who hit my husband's car and then ran: The other morning as I was leaving for work, I looked outside the back door and did not see my husband's car where he usually parked it. I thought maybe he parked it in front of our house. It wasn't there either. I turned and looked to my left and there his car sat, about 10 to 15 feet from where it had been parked. The front end was completely smashed in and the hood was folded so much that it looked like a tent. Whoever you are, you should have stopped and found out whose car you completely totaled, but instead you chose to just take off. My husband's car was hit with so much force, that it was spun around at least 180 degrees and pushed past the end of our driveway to be left almost in front of our neighbor's house and almost blocking the road. As a result of your actions, I was not only late for work, but I had to leave and miss more time from work to give my husband a ride to his work. We are now without a second vehicle for which we greatly depended on. The consequences of your actions, I hope, will be severe. I hope that you are enough of an adult to take responsibility for your actions and pay for the damage to my husband's car. Donna Tilleman Havre


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