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Annexation details not settled yet


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With a final annexation resolution filed with the state, Havre and Hill County are still working out which entity will take over maintenance of which roads. During a meeting Tuesday afternoon between several representatives of both Havre city government and the Hill County Commission, the sides decided to crunch numbers and come back to the table later. The county is losing 5 miles of road total through the annexation process but still has to maintain more than 1,800 miles, said County Road Supervisor Jerry Otto. He said maintenance of the remaining miles will be difficult to complete because of the estimated $250,000 cut his budget will see because of the city's annexation of about 100 properties. Mayor Tim Solomon said that the city is willing to take the sections of 8th Avenue West, 16th Avenue West and 2nd Street West which are inside the rough boundary of the city even though the city owns no property on the sections. In return, he suggested the county would take outlying 24th Avenue, 32nd Avenue and 1st Street West, where they are likely to be with their plows and road equipment to work on other streets in the area. Commissioner Kathy Bessette said that she's not adverse to amicably finding a practical solution. But because of the budget cuts, she said that she's worried there won't be enough man power to do the roads. "We're worried about our road and the guys," she said. Before the county agrees to anything, "I would like to know what it's going to cost," she said. "The city's going to be in the same place (financially)," Havre Public Works Director Dave Peterson said. The money is not all going to the city's roads, he said. "There's no intent to dig in heels and be obstinate," Chief Deputy County Attorney Kristin Hansen said. At the same time, she added, annexation happened and the county now has to give up the areas.


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