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The economic news in Havre for the last year has been filled with challenges. The easiest way to summarize what has been going on is: Money is tight. But, the Havre Daily News and more than 20 area businesses are joining together to ask area residents to take part in a simple event: Spend $30 locally on Friday. The results just might be surprising. Havre Daily News publisher Martin Cody is asking consumers to spend $30 locally on Friday rather than spend it on items online or out of town. "Even $30 helps pay the bills," Cody said. "It allows businesses t o s u p p o r t t h e i r emp l oye e s a n d t h e other businesses in town. It helps communities sustain themselves through tough times. Our goal is to encourage people to spend their money in Havre." In communities such as Havre, customers often know the owners and employees of the businesses in which they shop. Local businesses benefit from the money that customers spend, and customers benefit from friendly, knowledgeable service. When consumers make purchases at home, merchants often use the money spent to buy goods and services from other community businesses, which in turn do the same thing. Also, local shops and businesses use revenues to support local causes and community needs. "When we spend money in Havre … we are spending money on jobs, facilities and projects that are very important to the growth and prosperity of our community," said Debbie Vandeberg, executive director of the Havre Area Chamber of Commerce. "We are supporting friends and families that have helped us build a town worth being proud of." The bigger picture, however, is how the money will trickle down. Economic studies by universities, think tanks and government agencies show that spending locally produces numerous benefits, such as keeping cash in communities, creating jobs, saving shoppers' time, money and gas, and sowing prosperity. "Those same studies speak to the significant multiplier effect of a dollar spent locally and how it is re-invested in the community over several business transactions," Cody said. "It's important for us as a business to encourage our readers to spend money right here in Havre," Cody said. "I encourage everyone to look at the ads on Page A7 and take advantage of the offers." "It would be great if every adult in the county would spend $ 3 0 in Havre on Fr iday. Economically, it would be huge," he said.


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