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Pony runners improve in Lewistown


Steady improvement is key if the Havre High cross country teams want to compete this post season.

And with how the Blue Pony boys and girls placed this weekend, they may be well on their way.

Friday in Lewistown the Central A Ponies ran at the Lewistown Invitational. And running against the likes of Belgrade, Lewistown, Joliet, Hardin, Livingston and Butte Central, the HHS boys placed third with 104 points and the girls' landed the No. 2 spot with 69 points.

"Each week we have seen growth out of our kids," Havre High head coach Kyle Fisher said. "They continue to have success and we are heading in the right direction. We are climbing that latter and the kids all the way through are getting better and better. We are definitely liking that."

The Ponies had a very solid day of competition on the girls side. They finished second only to the Lewistown Golden Eagles (33 points) and received solid times from every runner.

"They did a nice job for us," Fisher said of his girls. "Lewistown is one of the top teams in the state so being able to run with them was good, and our girls did a nice job competing. They did a good job."

Katie Christianson led the way once again. Christianson finished as the No. 9 runner and turned in a time of 21:43. Brittanee Korb also ran well, finishing in the No. 10 spot with a time of 21:48.

HHS had only two top-ten finishers on the girls team, but also saw good results from the remaining five varsity runners. Trisha Kinsella turned in a time of 22:15, while Ashlynn Van Voast finished in 23:04, Mikell Kinsella finished in 23:05, Larissa Price finished in 23:06 and Shelby O'Neil finished in 23:43.

Being able to compete with Lewistown says a lot about this year's Pony girls. The Eagles are at the top of the conference and one of the top teams in the state. And with the improvements the Ponies are seeing, the Ponies overtaking the Eagles would be a huge step in the HHS program.

"They are believing in themselves and that's all they need," Fisher said. "To believe that they can run with Lewistown and beat them. They are figuring that out, what a good group of girls we have and that they can compete with those better teams. They are heading in the right direction."

On the boys side of things, Kendall Murie gave the Ponies their only top ten finish. Murie finished in the No. 4 spot and finished with a time of 17:13.

Marc Klimas followed with a time of 18:20, while Greg Rhines finished in 19:29, Dolan Tuss finished in 19:47, Daniel Hanson finished in 19:48, Ty Bauer finished in 20:14 and Chazley Hulett finished in 20:35 to round out the Pony runners.

"We are seeing good things," Fisher said. "The boys are heading in the right direction. Our top end boys are doing a nice job and we are still just looking for those four, five, six and seven spots, and they are starting to come around as well.

"This was (Hanson's) first varsity race ever," Fisher added. "And Daniel (Hanson) did a nice job. He is going to keep his spot on varsity and I am looking forward to seeing him run again next weekend."

The Ponies are back in action on Saturday when they will host the Havre Invitational at 10 a.m. on their home course on the campus of Montana State University-Northern.

Lewistown Invitational


Team scores — 1. Belgrade 57; 2. Lewistown 76; 3. Havre 104; 4. Joliet 109; 5. Hardin 120; 6. Park 128; 7. Billings Central 134.

Top 10 — 1. Monte Cole, Livingston, 16:49; 2. Luke Stevenson, Joliet, 16:56; 3. Tucker White, Billings Central, 17:12; 4. Kendall Murie, Havre, 17:13; 5. Teran Alaers, Lewistown, 17:22; 6. Chris Allen, Belgrade, 17:33; 7. Henry Reed, Hardin, 17:46; 8. Gage Poss, Lewistown, 18:00; 9. Lyle Imberi, Blegrade, 18:05; 10. Beau Milton, Joliet, 18:12.


Team scores — 1. Lewistown 33; 2. Havre 69; 3. Belgrade 84; 4. Hardin 125.

Top 10 — 1. McKenzie O'Dore, 20:03; 2. Brook Rodgers, Lewistwon, 21:01; 3. Miranda Keenan, Livingston, 21:14; 4. Ingrid Stansberry, Lewistwon, 21:25; 5. Espe Battrick, Lewistown, 21:26; 6. Alicia Lunger, Blegrade, 21:27; 7. Adree Shields, Hardin, 21:29; 8. Delainy Tedesco, Lewistown, 21:28; 9. Katie Christianson Havre, 21:43; 10. Brittanee Korb, Havre, 21:48.

Havre Girls

Katie Christianson - 21:42

Brittanee Korb - 21:48

Trisha Kinsella - 22:15

Ashlynn Van Voast - 23:04

Mikell Kinsella - 23:05

Larissa Price - 23:06

Shelby O'Neil - 23:43

Havre Boys

Kendall Murie -17:12

Marc Klimas - 18:20

Greg Rhines - 19:29

Dolan Tuss - 19:47

Daniel Hanson - 19:48

Ty Bauer - 20:14

Chazley Hulett - 20:35.


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